Cop26: Imf Welcomes India’s Zero Carbon Announcement, Big Business Joined This Campaign

The International Monetary Fund has welcomed India’s announcement to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2070. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made this announcement during the COP26 conference in Glasgow. “We welcome India’s announcement to reduce emissions at COP26 and increase dependence on renewable energy,” Gary Rice, director of the IMF’s public relations department, told reporters here Thursday.

As we know, India is currently one of the largest carbon emitters and relies on coal for power generation, he said. With a strong investment in renewable energy and a focus on climate change policies, you can move towards achieving your new goal.

Zero Carbon Technology: Amazon, Apple, Mahindra, Dalmia Come Together to Form ‘Coalition of First Drivers’
Mega multinationals such as Amazon and Apple and Mahindra Group of India and Dalmia Cement (India) have joined the ‘Coalition of First Drivers’ as founding members, which is working to increase the demand for zero carbon technology. The World Economic Forum has provided this information. The union was announced during the ongoing Cop 26 conference in Glasgow.

Half of this relies on early technology development, demonstration and prototyping phases to achieve the global 2050 emission reduction target, while innovation will play a key role in this decade in bringing the technology to market and sustaining it. affordable. To accelerate this effort, the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with the United States President’s Special Envoy on Climate Change, John Kerry, has announced a forum called the First Movers Coalition, in which companies can commit to buying technology that enable them to develop low carbon technologies. The market will be ready for

The undertakings of the companies as a whole will not worry about whether there will be a market for the carbon-free technology once it is discovered. The platform will serve as a task force to explore technology solutions.

The platform will focus more on steel, cement, aluminum, chemicals, transportation, aviation and trucks. These regions account for a third of global carbon emissions. However, cheaper and cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels are not yet available in these areas. The founding members of this platform include Agility, Airbus, Amazon, Apple, Bank of America, Boeing, Dalmia Cement (India) Limited, Mahindra Group and many other large companies.

India can show the world direction on climate change: Bhupendra Yadav
Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put India in a position from which it can show direction to the whole world in the climate change crisis. Yadav said this in Glasgow on Friday. Yadav, who was here to attend the COP26 meeting, said that he is proud to have had the opportunity to interact on behalf of India at this conference.

At the same time, he is also overwhelmed to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s impact on world leaders. The minister said that the idea of ​​Panchamrit presented by Prime Minister Modi at the COP26 conference has made the whole world aware of the potential of New India. Yadav was speaking at an event organized by the International Solar Alliance here.

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