Clariance Industries Limited clarification on report claiming Ambani family plan to partially reside in Stoke Park, London

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Reliance Industries clarified on Mukesh Abani’s London property, said: no intention to change there

New Delhi: Reliance Industries has issued an official statement, ending the ongoing news of the Mukesh Ambani family’s move to London. In many media reports it was said that the Ambani family could move into a purchased property in Stoke Park, London. Refuting this, the company said in its statement that a recent newspaper report has led to unwarranted and unsubstantiated speculation on social media about the Ambani family’s plans to partially reside in Stoke Park, London.

The company further said that Reliance Industries Limited would like to clarify that the president and his family have no plans to move or reside in London or anywhere else in the world.

Furthermore, the RIL Group company, RIIHL, which recently acquired Stoke Park Estate, would like to clarify that the objective of the acquisition of the heritage property is to turn it into a world-class golf game, fully complying with the planning guidelines and regulations. local. to grow as a sports center. The acquisition will add to the group’s fast-growing consumer business. It will also expand the footprint of India’s renowned hotel industry globally.

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