‘Boys come to school in skirts too’, what is the #ClothesHaveNoGender movement? – Boys wear skirts to school with girls Spain’s clothing for students has no gender movement Tstf

History highlights

  • Boys will also wear skirts with girls.
  • Order issued by the school administration

The #ClothesHaveNoGender campaign is back in the news in Spain. Here, a school has asked boys and girls to wear skirts to convey the message of ‘Gender Equality’. In fact, a while ago a student was expelled from school for wearing a skirt. After this, the campaign gained momentum.

According to a report by ‘Mirror UK’, Castleview Primary School in Edinburgh has asked boys and girls to wear skirts in class. After which all schoolchildren participated in the ‘Wear a skirt to school’ campaign. This is part of the ‘Clothes have no gender’ campaign.

The campaign began when a 15-year-old student, Mikel Gómez, was expelled from school a few months ago for wearing a skirt to class. The campaign was launched for the first time in the Spanish city of Bilbao.

What did the school teacher say?

According to the Edinburgh Live report, along with the Castleview School students, the teachers in skirts will also be seen. He has decided to participate in the ‘Wear A Skirt To School’ campaign to break stereotypes, in support of Mikel Gomez.

In this regard, the school teacher, Ms. White, said: “The school is moving towards breaking stereotypes. We have organized ‘Wear Skirt to School Day’. No one has been forced to wear skirts.”

While some parents praised this move, some also objected. Some people said it has nothing to do with education. Make the children study and don’t do all this.


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