Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhatt break up, clash over not receiving gifts

Bigg Boss 15 – Photo: Colors Tv

Bigg Boss 15 is in its fifth week and now the game has gotten very interesting. Where a lot of family members were seen with each other and a lot of differences were seen in the house, on the other hand, from Bigg Boss OTT to Bigg Boss 15, Prateek Shamita and Nishant Bhatt can fight each other no matter how much. In the end, when it comes to saving or supporting each other, they are seen standing together. But now, during a chore around the house, there was a fierce fight between Shamita and Nishant.

Gifts from family members

Coming into the fifth week of Bigg Boss, there was now a breakdown in their relationship. In fact, this whole week there was a Diwali atmosphere in the house, where the bombs exploded on many members and there were many explosions. But in the meantime, at Bigg Boss’s house, a lot of gifts arrived for the family members from his own home and along with that came the task of captaincy. Whose claimants were Maisha and Umar Riyaz, as soon as Maesha and Umar’s fuel decreased, the family members would receive their gifts.

Bigg Boss 15 – Photo: Colors Tv

Umar did not give Shamita a gift

Shamita Shetty goes to Umar Riyaz and asks for fuel, Umar rejects him saying that he is not safe this week and wants to protect himself by assuming the captaincy. However, Shamita did not go to Maisha and ask for fuel because he had already given his 3 fuels to Jai Bhanushali. Shamita could not hold back the tears when she did not receive the gifts from home and began to cry.

Bigg Boss 15 – Photo: Colors Tv

Shamita Nishant fight

At Shamita’s scream, Nishant was seen amusing himself wandering around the house and Shamita didn’t like it at all. Shamita expressed her disgust for Nishant, saying, “When I cried, you laughed, which I didn’t like at all. Responding to what Nishant said, ‘I didn’t even have an idea about this because I was having fun. Shamita said it’s sad that you don’t have anything on your mind.

Bigg Boss 15 – Photo: Colors Tv

Nishant said don’t be forcibly mad

Nishant was very angry with Shamita saying this and told Shamita not to vent this unnecessary anger on me. What you’re saying wasn’t even on my mind. If you feel like it’s yours, I haven’t done anything on purpose. Shamita said that if you want to show your bad side to the audience, that’s fine. But I didn’t expect this from you.

Bigg Boss 15 – Photo: Colors Tv

Shamita said that by doing this you think you will get votes

Shamita told Nishant that you feel that by doing such entertainment you will get votes. After which Nishant also lashed out at Shamita and said, use your words carefully. To which Shamita said that you have chosen the wrong time to entertain people when I did not receive the gifts from my house and I was crying. After which Nishant and Shamita were fiercely Tu-Tu, Main-Main.

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