Bhai Dooj 2021: If the brother is absent in Bhai Dooj, then do tilak with this method, know these special rules

History highlights

  • Treat coconut balls like brothers and love them
  • Keep in mind some special things while you worship

Bhai Dooj 2021: Bhai Dooj, the festival of love and trust between brother and sister, takes place on the second date of Kartik Shukla. On this day, the sisters worship their brother by making tilak for his long life. According to belief, the brother who goes to his sister’s house on this day to eat and make Tilak, does not die prematurely. On this day, if a sister’s brother is absent and cannot go home, there is nothing to worry about. In astrology, there are some special rules regarding this, by which you will obtain the full fruit of this worship even though you are far from your brother.

Brother is far away so worship like this

Sisters, get up before dawn this day and take a bath and wear clean clothes. After this, clean the place of worship or the place where you want to hold worship. Bring as many balls from the market as brothers who are far from you. In a post, consider those circles as brothers and install them on a yellow cloth. After placing the spheres, make the Ashtadal lotus on the pole. If you can’t do this, take rose flowers and save that rice and install the ball in it. After this, keep the Gangajal mixed water and bathe the ball with Gangajal mixed water and offer tilak flowers with roli and rice.

enjoy sweets

After this, offer candy to that ball. If you make this sweet with your own hands, then it is better, otherwise you can also bring it from the market. After this, offer water to the brothers in the shape of a circle. To do this you must use a steel or burbot jar. After offering water, scoop the aarti out of those balls and cover them with a yellow cloth. After this, leave those balls on the same pole until evening and pray to Yamraj for his brother’s long life and deliverance from all his troubles. The next day, collect those balls from the place of worship and keep them safe with you and if you can send them to the brother, send them to the brother.

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