ABOVE: Friends distributed candy on Diwali night, then one shot the other – Muzaffarnagar’s friend A young man shot dead Murder Hospital Police tstc

History highlights

  • Murder on Diwali night in Muzaffarnagar
  • friend shot his other friend
  • Accused of escape, the police are busy capturing

The joys of Diwali turned into mourning for a family in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. On Diwali night, a friend shot and killed his own friend and escaped from the scene. As soon as the information of the incident was received, the police arrived at the scene, took the body in possession and sent it for an autopsy. Then he began to investigate the matter. After Mohit’s murder, the family is in bad shape from crying. After this incident, the sensation has spread throughout the town.

friend shot dead

This case is from the town of Talda in the Jansath Kotwali area, where a 35-year-old named Mohit Saini was called from his home by his friend Satish on Diwali night and shot dead. Based on the complaint of the deceased’s father, the police have taken legal action by registering a murder case. The police are searching for the accused and many other people are also being questioned in connection with this incident.

After the murder, the defendant fled the scene.

In this case, the father of the deceased young man, Ravindra Saini, says that both the deceased Mohit and Satish were friends and after distributing boxes of sweets in the evening, Satish had called Mohit from home. After which Mohit came home in a wounded state and started saying that Satish had shot. They rushed him to the hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead, after this the police were informed. The reason why Mohit shot Satish has yet to be revealed.

Police force deployed in the face of tension

On this matter, SP Rural Muzaffarnagar Atul Srivastava says that raids are being carried out from one place to another in search of the accused. Soon the accused will be arrested. The motive for the murder is not yet known. After the murder of the young man, the police force has been deployed in view of the tension in the town.


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