ABOVE: Controversy erupted over children burning firecrackers, two women were burned by acid thrown by angry youths – Gang Acid Attack Hospital Minor dispute firecrackers 2 women Police TSTC

History highlights

  • Controversy over children burning firecrackers
  • The police arrested the accused
  • Treatment of women is carried out in the trauma center of the district hospital.

In Banda, Uttar Pradesh, there was a great uproar between the two parties because the children refused to burn firecrackers. The dispute escalated so much that bloody clashes broke out between neighbors and a man threw acid at two women. Both women who were burned from the acid attack have been admitted to hospital, where their condition is said to be stable. As soon as information about the incident was received, the police arrived at the scene and arrested the accused.

Two women burned from an acid attack

This case is from the Kailashpuri locality of the Kotwali city area. Where some children lit firecrackers and made noise. About this, a person forbade children to play and make noise, but they did not listen. Then the angry man slapped the children. The dispute escalated over this matter and the situation went all the way to the fight. During this, the young man threw acid at two women for which they suffered serious burns and the accused fled the scene.

defendant arrested

As soon as the information about the incident was received, SP Abhinandan arrived at the scene together with the police force and began the investigation of the matter. After some time, the young accused was arrested. The women are being treated at the District Hospital Trauma Center, where their condition is said to be stable.

The burned women were admitted to the hospital.

In giving more information on this matter, SP Abhinandan said that an incident has occurred in the Kotwali city area. Some children were playing on the road, during that time a person came who puts a fruit cart and forbade the children to play but they did not listen. Because of this, the young man got so angry that he brought chemical acid to clean the utensils in his house, but the children fled. But a woman who is 70 years old and a girl who is 18 years old, was sitting on the next platform, where it was spilled and those people were burned.

The injured women were immediately admitted to the hospital. Where your condition is stable. SP Abhinandan said that the accused has been arrested and that legal action is being taken against him.

(Entrance: Siddharth Gupta)

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