ABOVE: A youth was publicly beaten for stealing a bicycle, then wearing a garland of shoes and sneakers – Hardoi Cycle bicycle theft allegation Youth shoes Garland Market TSTC

History highlights

  • The young man was forced to wear a garland of shoes and slippers.
  • Young man attacked for bicycle theft
  • Video of the incident went viral on social media

In the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, some villagers took a youth walk through the market with a garland of shoes and sneakers accused of bicycle theft. The video of this incident has gone viral on social media. After the video came out, the police registered a case against 3 defendants.

The matter is communicated on October 31. After the video went viral, the police jumped into action and registered a case against the three defendants. This video is being told about the Godwa market of Atrauli. The police have started investigating this matter.

Wearing a garland of shoes and slippers, he made the young man walk

The police have registered a case against three people in various sections on the complaint of the young victim. Currently, the accused are outside the control of the police. Raids are carried out from one place to another in search of the accused. This case is from Harpalpur village in Hardoi district.

misconduct with the young man

In this regard, the victim says that he had gone to get medicine on October 31 and in return accidentally brought a bicycle parked near the medical store. When he went to return the cycle, many people, including Romi and Ravi Shankar, caught him in the market. Then he accused him of stealing a bicycle, attacked him, then wore a garland of shoes and slippers, insulted him in front of everyone by rotating him around the market.

Police looking for defendants

After the video went viral on social networks, about the young victim’s complaint at the Atrauli police station, a case was registered against unknown persons, including two named persons. Police are now searching for the defendant in this case based on the viral video.


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