Erica Fernandes leaves Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3; Sonakshi: Bollywood News

Popular TV actress Erica Fernandes recently made a shocking announcement on her Instagram on Wednesday (October 27). The actress has announced her departure from the popular daily drama Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3. Erica cited the reason why she was unhappy with the plot progression and her character ‘Sonakshi’ on the show. The actress believes that she was portrayed as weak and confused in the current season compared to the first two seasons.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote a long note expressing her disappointment at her character’s performance on the show. The note began by thanking the fans. His note reads: “To begin with, I would like to thank everyone who loved Kuch sounded from his conception. The immense love with which they showered us was heartwarming. Due to various reasons when the show had to go off the air the first time, The power and love of the same Kuch family rang made us reappear on screen after almost a month of going off the air. Due to the same Kuch family rang, we were beyond excited to come back once again with so much As for Sonakshi, a character so dear to you and me, a character who was an inspiration to many, a character who was so strong, intelligent, balanced … the Sonakshi we once witnessed in seasons 1 and 2, the one we expected to see this season as well, but unfortunately we had to see the complete opposite of what she was. “

Erica also advised everyone to remember her character from the first two seasons and not how ‘weak and confused’ she was in the third season. She wrote: “I hope you always remember Sonakshi from the first 2 seasons and not how weak and confused she looked this season, in the first 2 seasons leaving everything else aside. At least she had a job and an office at hand. to go and not where she had to sit at home doing nothing.Sometimes when you have to choose between your self-love and such a beloved show, you have to make tough decisions (not to mention the other reasons). responsibilities of others on your shoulders, you have to take care of yourself and make decisions based on that. “

She added: “To all of you who were bummed and disappointed by this season (from all your comments I read and the trends on Twitter I witnessed) … just ask yourselves why we all came back to watch this show in the first place, maybe come back. to see a couple of episodes of the first season and remember us well, for all the efforts we put in to keep you coming back for more, maybe that will bring a smile to your face, “he added.

To further appreciate the show, Erica wrote: “Well, we had made a masterpiece years ago, but if you remove the master from the masterpiece, you only have pieces left and Durjoy missed you tremendously this season. You brought subtlety and wrote with all your very visible heart. The romance was simple but real and moving. The show had very realistic drama and never a negative force that made our show so unique. You had visualized and shaped the show so beautifully while adding your touch .I almost felt like a novel coming to life. “

At the end of his note, Fernandes thanked his director and also recalled the fun time he spent with the crew during filming. She wrote: “I would also like to thank my director Mr. Smith … Noel Smith for being our Batman, handling the situation well, and tackling all the obstacles that came our way. It wasn’t easy, but he did it with ease. I will take back fond memories of the moments we spent together while filming in Siliguri and Mumbai. I will miss the masti with my 3 monkeys, Maa, Shaheer and the rest of the crew. “

“Have you ever thought? When a program is successful, it is very easy and convenient to say that the success of the program is not due to a particular individual, but to teamwork and the effort of the entire team … but it is so easy to blame a particular individual.individual when a program has to close! How hypocritically convenient, right? In closing, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey and my decisions, be it my team or my Ejfians and Krpkabians. Much love, Erica Jennifer Fernandes, “Erica concluded.

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