8 artists and doodlers who are creating mind-blowing content through animations and special effects

Instagram has made it possible for everyone to display their uniqueness and creativity in the form of Coils, now! No matter what the number of followers is, if it is unique, it will defo grab the viewer’s attention. As a matter of fact, Instagram It just doesn’t have one way to showcase talent, it has many, like you can create filters, good timing of audio and video remixes, etc. I recently came across many such creators who showed off their talents in creating doodles and animated videos that have honestly been beyond amazing. So scroll down to some of these pages that have caught my eye in the last few days.

It’s animation time!

1. Neha Scrawl

The only thing I love about his art is that it is very current with its content. Again, Squid it is very current rn and I love how Neha has given us such “insightful” information through her animation skills, haha. Also, I must say that the song selection is so suitable and catchy. If he Squid The cast can see this themselves, I’m sure they’ll laugh too, LOL.

2. Potato face

First of all, this Reel It has such an amazing and intricate story that it kept me hooked until the very end. Everybody Thomas and German fans, this one is sure to make you smile and remind you of the good old days. Also, next time there is a mouse in my room, I will surely joke with the receptionist and ask her to bring Thomas with the, haha.

3. The Samosa Club

Artists who jump into trends is no different. In fact, it’s more interesting. ‘because of cute and interesting elements and effects that they add to your content like this one. The above Reel is the exact opposite of the trend ‘I bro, who made you smile like that … ‘ and the answer given by ‘The Samosa Club‘is 100 percent identifiable with all students on this planet. Also, the creator behind this amazing page is a student, so defo I feel you friend.

Four. AK Toons

My God, is Reel are damned identifiable especially after seeing the ‘Map of supermarkets ” the trend goes viral, haha. I think the mall managers will really one day refuse to give us go-karts while we shop, especially when we have a lot of products to buy. The characters are so cute depicted here and the nodding head is so Cayuttt. Review the Reel to know exactly what I’m talking about.

5. Stephy ann tomy

This Reel it is literally all the siblings of this plant, regardless of age. There is always a brother who keeps all the chocolates hidden in the fridge and then comes the annoying one who somehow always manages to find them and eat them all. Yes it is ‘because Of them, the fights start but honestly, it’s the best part of every sibling relationship and that’s what makes their bond stronger. amirita? Thanks to this page for helping us remember these fun times.

6. Are little things

I can this Reel be more real? Everybody spectacular peeps at home raise your hand if this happens to you, every time you wear a mask or even get out of a cool place. Lounges, this is so simple but so relevant. Also, it’s not really annoying to keep cleaning your glasses but you can’t do much, right? ‘Because wearing a mask is the most important thing today, period!

7. Nisha’s palette

What Nisha well noted, take a break from everything you are doing and think you should do it every day. Take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and take care of your mental and personal health, it is the least you can do for yourself and for a great life. Thanks for the much needed reminder.

8. Happy Sad Doodles

This Reel is an accurate representation of the name of this page ‘Happy Sad‘. And I’m so sure most of the girls reading this will relate to this. Reel to its maxx. Every time I have to click on the pictures for the ‘gram my hair just won’t coordinate with me and when I’m lying in bed watching some show it will look soft and shiny, don’t we all hate this dilemma?

Well, there are hundreds of more creative pages in the ‘gram for you to review, but these were some of my favorites. And no kidding, it takes a lot of effort and the right amount of coordination to put Coils like these, so let’s appreciate your hard work and dedication. On a side note, I hope everyone reading this is getting vaccinated.


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