BTS’s Suga, RM, and J-Hope’s moon signs really REFLECT their personalities and will leave ARMYs in awe

BTS has come a long way. The seven-member septet, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook is enjoying massive popularity all over the world. BT consists of a rap line and a vocal line. However, when given the opportunity, they also flaunt different styles of singing. RM, Suga, and J-Hope are part of BTS’s rap line. They are very talented and also like to produce and compose songs. They have independent studios where they like to work on their music. Now, all three of them are hyungs to the rest of the BTS members, except for Jin, who is the oldest. Let’s do a dekko to your personalities through your moon signs. Read Also – BTS: When Jin was asked to describe V aka Kim Taehyung, he called him a ‘different species’ and this funny VIDEO proves his words

First, we will have a dekko on BTS leader RM, also known as Kim Namjoon. His moon sign is said to be Sagittarius. People with this moon sign are seekers of knowledge. They love to learn, to listen, to know new things. Sagittarians love spending time reflecting on artistic things. They also have a high receptive capacity that allows them to reflect on their words, actions and thoughts. RM’s personality is like that. His thoughts are deep and very intelligent. Not surprisingly, she loves to visit places that give her time to open her mind as if they were museums. Sagittarius also love to read. They are capable of many things. RM has proven his worth as an artist, rapper, and producer countless times. People with this moon sign love to travel and tend to choose jobs that involve the same. Also Read: BTS: Coldplay’s Chris Martin And Will Champion Show Their Love For The Septet After Being Drawn Into An Unnecessary Comparison – Here’s How

Second is Suga, Daechwita’s hitmaker who is creating another composition, You. Suga’s moon sign, also known as Min Yoongi, is Virgo. People with Virgo as their moon sign are observant types. They love to do everything in an organized way and therefore they like to be prepared in advance. Suga’s dedication to his studio is heartbreaking. Virgos are known to be loving and kind. Suga is always taking care of his bandmates and taking care of them. He silently encourages them all the time. Virgos love to relax, but they don’t mind going out and relaxing. Suga has shown the statement ‘n’ times on Run BTS / Bon Voyage. Also Read – Hollywood News Trends Today: BTS’s Jungkook Sweet Gesture To Staff Member Leaves ARMY Gushing, Offset Gives Cardi B A Home In The Dominican Republic And More

Last but not least, J-Hope. Jung Hosoek’s moon sign is said to be Taurus. People with this moon sign are warm and friendly people. This is true of Hobi, as he is considered BTS’s ray of sunshine. The MAMA hitmaker is always cheering on his fellow BTS members. People with the moon sign of Taurus love to collect things. They are elegant, trustworthy and loyal. These individuals are very dynamic. Hobi loves to dance and has a unique fashion sense. His departures to the airport are loved by BTS ARMY.

Surprised, ARMY?

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