6 creator reels that will hit you nostalgically one reel at a time

These evocative Coils by the creators defo They make you feel nostalgic for your childhood and make you want to go back in time. How do we wish we could transport ourselves back to the comfort of our childhood days? no? Unfortunately, we can’t really do that, but we can always remember those golden days of probably the best time of our life. In that sense, these videos here will make your heart vibrate with the best memories and good times. Honestly, we love how relatable and fun these are.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane …

1. Srishti said

Hasn’t this happened to almost all of us? Relatives who give us money and our mother takes it to keep it ‘safe’, but never returns it. yuck. We suppose that if we ask our parents to give us all that money back now, it will be enough to add a few zeros to our bank accounts. he he. Srishti has opened a gold mine of memories and emotions with this Reel, amirite!

2. Vishnu Kaushal

If you are a millennial, we are sure you would not have escaped this unofficial break-up anthem of the 90’s kids. On a side note, you’re lying if you didn’t fall for the myth of the IIT-G boy called Rohan rathor who died after writing this song. Vishnu has really filled our hearts with ’empty’ As we reminisce about the good old days

3. Aishwarya Mohanraj

My God, another painful memory from the past has been awakened. Remember how we used to blame our teachers for being ‘biased’ every time they favored another child over us, especially at annual role practices. Haha, Aishwarya has nailed it with expressions that show exactly how all the kids were feeling at the time. Brb, feeling sad with many others.

4. Siddharth Batra

This Reel of Siddharth Batra dressed as our favorite The ice creams of our childhood are deliciously nostalgic, don’t you think? We love how he’s done it not only with the outfits, but also by hitting our memories of enjoying those ice creams on a hot summer day after playing hopscotch with our friends for hours. he he!

5. Kareema Barry

Oh my goodnessWho has not done this as a child? If at some point things didn’t go our way, we would pack our bags and walk out with literally nowhere to go. It feels embarrassing now he he! Kareema, you didn’t have to expose us like this’tumhe koi haq nahi banta ki tum itni exactlyand we talk, that’s not fair’. Honestly, now it feels like how happy our childhood was.

6. Aqeel Hyder

And here comes the star of all our childhood memories! Who didn’t grow up thinking that they will make tons of money at the age of twenty-one? Almost every. Haha, that didn’t go as planned. However, the only thing that matters now is that you are healthy, undisturbed, hydrated and on your lane. Aqeel really blew our happy bubble here Nevertheless.

Are not these Coils Too healthy! On a scale of 1 to 10, how nostalgic are you feeling right now? We love how these creators have struck the right chord and nailed it for being too relatable. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram to know more about your favorite influencers! On a side note, we hope everyone reading this stays safe and vaccinated.


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