12 things to do in Goa in 2021 (pandemic or no pandemic!)

Goa has always been one of my favorite weekend getaways! Literally a 45 minute jump, a jump and a snapshot on a plane and you’re navigating breezy summer streets lined with palm trees and the promise of epic meals, naps, and the tan you needed all locked up!

Here are just 12 of the many things that I loved about this family trip, where I decided to include as much in our itinerary as humanly possible. And it didn’t even stop Instagram All weekend. Proud of me? I am!

However, Goa is not done with you so I will be back asap. Until then, enjoy my weekend antics and feel free to add to this list for my next visit!

12 things to do on a preseason weekend in Goa

Day 1

  1. Pose with trees (or branches).
  2. Go up to Candolim beach and give your toes to the sand!

3. Airbnb to Villas Aalia for the comforts of home with an attached pool no less. Also, I was literally tripping over the fact that almost everything was only 7-15 minutes from our villa.

Professional advice: Rent a car for the weekend. It is usually 2,500 per day for 8 hours and 80 km. It’s worth it!

4. Dance the night away in Beach House To a mix of Bollywood and retro English with a live band and a beautiful photo opportunity!

5. Come home and marvel at Mom’s mini basketball skills, as she almost always throws skins. Nowshad in the face with a ping pong ball for a delightfully long time! Okay, this was a clear advantage for me.

6. Wake up in paradise and enjoy a day of absolute leisure at the villa. Including a delicious breakfast prepared by the villa staff upon request!

Professional advice: Ask the staff to organize an impromptu spa in the villa and ask some local masseurs to do foot massages for everyone.

7. Game night at the villa! This time learning to play Code names disconnected. Which is much more difficult than you think! Remember when apps were confusing and real life wasn’t? Forget it!

Day 2

8. Head to lunch at Jamun. Enjoy another delicious meal in a beautiful old villa surrounded by lush trees and happy travelers.


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