Anil Kapoor charges extra for ‘Jhakaas’ to Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s eating habits

Anil Kapoor Khan adds his flair to Star VS Food 2 episode 2 (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Discovery + ‘s Star Vs Food has quickly become one of the channel shows that do well. Not just celebrities cooking (many for the first time), the show is also a place where we can catch some hot B-Town gossip for free. Demand for the same has become so intense that manufacturers had to come up with a second season that first aired last week. The second episode is about Anil Kapoor and his style.

The second episode of Star vs Food airs today (September 15). And it’s not just any other episode, but the veteran Bollywood superstar taking over the kitchen in her standard USP style. But soon he will only be intimidated by Chef Ganesh in Silly, who manages to defy him at every turn. But then the man in front of him is Anil, who has experienced bigger challenges, so the actor accepts them and we are ready for a fun episode.

The second episode with Anil Kapoor turned out to be a fun watch with the actor wrestling with a gas stove and ending with his perfect selfie. Read on for all the highlights from the episode below.

Anil Kapoor brings his Jhakaas Bhaigiri

You can get Anil Kapoor out of Chembur, but not Chembur out of him. The actor manages to bring out every part of Mumbai inside of him every time he is himself on camera. The actor enters the episode with the vibe and lives up to the last moment.

Anil Kapoor struggles with the gas stove

This is without a single doubt Anil’s first cooking expedition and the fact that he makes three attempts to light the gas stove proves it all. Also, wait, it fails to turn it on all three times. Chef Ganesh covers it up and does the deed.

Anil Kapoor charges extra for saying Jhakkass

Now we all know that Jhakaas is synonymous with Anil and there are no two ways to do it. The actor said it for the first time in Yudh and it became a kind of identity. But on the show, Anil, who says he was shocked to see the madness around him for years, says he charges more for saying it where it’s asked. Well if that was true or just sarcasm, only the actor can tell, but he definitely deserves to have that privilege.

Farah Khan reveals the eating habits of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

Here comes the interesting part. Now that Anil Kapoor has prepared a perfect brunch, he has invited friends. Farah Khan, Arbaaz Khan, and Maheep Kapoor are heading to Silly and we’re up for some hot gossip. Meanwhile, Farah talks about the eating habits of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. She said: “Salman is the only star I know, woh sab kuch khata hai (he eats everything). I have worked with Shah Rukh Khan for the longest time and woh sirf apna tandoori chicken khata hai (he just eats his tandoori chicken). “

She added: “Na woh (SRK) chawal khata hai, na roti, pan toh main dekha hi nahin (He does not eat rice, nor chapati and I have not seen him eat bread). Lekin Salman, despite having the physique, I have seen him eat chawal (rice), biryani, choley (chickpea dish)… sab khata hai (he eats everything) ”.

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