Sidharth Shukla says ‘goodbye’ with a smile in this BTS video for Broken But Beautiful 3 Climax is leaving SidNaaz fans with tears in their eyes!

Sidharth Shukla saying ‘goodbye’ with a smile at BTS from the climax scene of Broken But Beautiful 3 will bring tears to your eyes (Photo credit: Instagram)

Popular television actor Sidharth Shukla passed away on September 2, 2021 after suffering a heart attack. His death was a shock to his family and friends. His fans are still struggling to cope with his sudden disappearance. Photos and videos of the star are circulating on the Internet.

Sidharth last appeared in Alt Balaji’s Broken But Beautiful 3, where he played the role of the brave and feisty writer and theater director Agastya Rao. Sonia Rathee also played a major role of Rumi on the show. Now, the show’s producer, Sarita Tanwar, has shared a BTS video of the climactic scene of the series.

In the video clip, Sidharth Shukla is seen saying goodbye to Sonia Rathee’s Rumi with a smile. By sharing the video, the producer wrote a heartfelt note in which she expressed gratitude and appreciation for filling the series with so much love.

Sarita Tanwar in her long post wrote: “When an actor dies, everyone talks about the loss of friends and family. Nobody talks about the loss that fans experience. His pain is not recognized. Almost all actors have an army of fans, but the Sidhearts are something else. We experienced that love firsthand during the making of our show, Broken But Beautiful 3. The Sidhearts’ love and adoration for SS is (I won’t say “was” because that love will never be a thing of the past) something special. They celebrated everything about him. We were inundated with requests from BTS; they formed the #AgMi; they followed all the actors, directors and producers of the program in search of information to promote the program ”.

Sarita Tanwar’s post on Sidharth Shukla further stated: “They resolved to get record subscriptions to the platform for the show and they made it happen. They made BBB3 one of the most viewed shows of the year. That is pure and pure love, of those that do not have a paid promotion. That’s why when the team suffered, following the news of his passing, along with the grief of his close friends and family, we all felt the grief of Sidhearts. That day, the cast and crew, who hadn’t been around for months, called in to check in and comfort each other. We are devastated. It was a difficult time for all of us, who had worked closely with him for almost a year. But Sidhearts has been in love with SS for years, so his pain has to be more pronounced. “

The Broken But Beautiful 3 producer also mentioned that the BBB3 team would like to give their fans a collective hug. He also wrote that he shared BTS’s clip of the climax scene as Sidharth Shukla fans have been demanding it. She wrote, “And as they had been asking, here is a clip of BTS from the climax scene. It is where #Agmi says goodbye to Rumi. Sidharth decided to brighten the mood and planned to do this. I was on the monitor and I filmed this. Under different circumstances, this would have stayed on my phone forever … “

Sarita Tanwar then concluded her post, “Here she says ‘Goodbye’ with a smile. And that’s how I always want to remember it. “

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