7 videos of Kusha and Zorawar that make us want what they have

shivoham-shivoham, is all-maina s jodi It’s what dreams are made of These two have come a long way since New Kapila starting his influencer journey so far Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia becoming the next Instagram sensation. Starting with Zor’s Instagram bio being ‘husband of Kusha Kapila’ until now ‘father of Maya‘, (her fur baby, also the heir to her 200 crore ki jaidaad, hehe), this peculiar Couple has given us some fun content along the way. Forget Romeo and Juliet, we want what they have. Ngl, these two are totes, #Relationship goals. Do you need proof? Scroll through the fun-filled videos of them being totally adorbs together.

1,2,3, Riyaz

1. #Couple Goals

Honestly, love is seeing Kusha and Zor be real on social media! We love how they complement each other not only in the oh-so-beautiful ‘gra-worthy pictures, but also in everyday life. From plucking their eyebrows to facial masks, these two do it all together and are totally gaining in being #CoupleObjectives. Aren’t they just aww-adorable?

2. Teachers of love

Do you want advice on how to woo your partner? Don’t worry, love teachers Kusha and Zor are here to help you. Learn from the loving and funny. duo themselves on how to keep the spark alive even after years of marriage. Starting with lesson number one, ‘5 ways you can hug your partner‘along with some wacky ideas about a long-time relationship, it’s as real as can be, he he.

3. Still in fashion Sanskaari

We still can’t get over this hilarious version of these two crazy ‘bottle cap challenge’ peeps. If the phrase ‘destined to be together’ had a visual aspect, it would be defo be a real portrait of Kusha and Zorawar being all fools. Have you ever wondered if you can be sanskaari and fashionable at the same time? Well, here is your answer. Brb, busy sharing this madness with my friends.

4. Couples going on vacation together

Rofl, this hysterical version of Kusha and Zor in ‘Holiday couples’ is tremendously funny and we can’t stop laughing. Count on Kusha and Zor to blow the blankets Loving OTT couples On a side note, Zor’s jump is without a doubt the highlight of this video, don’t you think too? Too, the number of times I have played this video is insaneeeee.

5. Insta Husband’s goals

Hayye, ‘Jab Zor aise video mei smile kare tab bhishom goram lagche’. No wonder Kusha found her ‘lobster’ in him, he he. I love how sporty and supportive Zorawar is to Kusha. Zor, we’d just like to say that you’re completely killing him in the Insta I play and we totally support you so that you win the ‘gram with your humor, very soon.

6. Desi Disney Couple

Do I even need to say something? This video is proof that they are made for each other. These two are winning the internet with their craziness along with their corresponding energy levels and electrifying chemistry. Sorry Disney, but you don’t have this’ Shuddh desi jodi ‘ under your name. Nazar na lage inhe!

7. Wife Goals

We just called Zorawar #HusbandGaols for being so supportive, but Kusha Kapila is no less #Wife herself. I need to say more, how cute is this! Even I drink I can’t help but be in love with the charm these two have together. Totally effusive about how corny are.

All I can say is adopt me now haha. I hope you guys give the same vibe in the coming years of togetherness. In addition, we hope that everyone will enjoy its content while staying indoors and also respect the COVID-19 guidelines. Please get vaccinated and go out only when it really matters.


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