7 cute Instagram filters that are so good you’ll want to try them soon

Honestly, I just wait for Fridays to roll around so I can share my new games of Instagram filters that I discovered during the week. Another reason is that I love the weekends, I mean come on, who doesn’t? I love exterminating and testing filters during my non-work hours with my friends and family. It really improves my image a thousand times more. All this is possible ‘because from our talented creators who keep creating new filters from time to time! Well here I am again with 7 new filters for you to try so scroll down to see what’s new in store.

Check ‘on out immediately!

1. Monday – Blueberry by Fareez Farhan

Fareez Farhan Blueberry

First of all, the name of this filter is so eye-catching that I had to include it here. Second, I can’t help but say this, but this filter literally just ‘blue‘my mind away, Hahaha. This filter defo I gave my image cool blue tones and guess what, this is already in my favorites, wbu?

2. Tuesday – Tiffy by Sarini singh

Tiffy by Sarini Singh
Tiffy by Sarini Singh

One of the many reasons why I love this oh so awesome the filter is’because I love the fact that Sarini examined all the details when making this effect. It’s a nice mix of B&W and color that a bit improved the overall polaroid image. Wait, I just said Polaroid, who doesn’t love them?

3. Wednesday – Iphone Filters by Hrishi Omkar Gautam

Hrishi Omkar Gautam's Iphone Filters
Hrishi Omkar Gautam’s Iphone Filters

This filter is literally a savior for alliPhone users out there, like me! That legitimate It has 7 different effects within the same filter and they all have different shades of color. This filter is a complete package of different effects and tones in one. I would like defo I recommend this to everyone to check it out.

4. Thursday – Expect by Voice

Swara Hope
Swara Hope

Dammit, this filter defo It gave me a nostalgic vibe! It’s a monochrome filter that gives an effect that will instantly remind you of images from the past, isn’t it? This filter took me for a nostalgic walk and refreshed my childhood memories. If you want I have #Again Thursday Then this filter is surely for you!

5. Friday – Unfiltered by Nivid Mandava

No filter by Nivid Mandava
No filter by Nivid Mandava

Woah, I have to say ‘Unfiltered‘It’s nothing like his name, trust me, you’ll be hooked on this one in no time. This filter has a subtle effect that gives my image an instant glow. A free tip, sun-kissed images look super cool in this filter. Now you know what to do! 😛

6. Saturday – Musical challenge by Beer

Bia's musical challenge
Bia’s musical challenge

If this isn’t the perfect weekend filter, what is? Starting my weekend with great music is the best. Also, for those of you who love to sing like me, this is your go-to filter. So, get ready to sing improvised songs and enjoy this karaoke filter. Well, having the song and artist in place makes this filter fun and quite challenging, hehe.

7. Sunday – Healthy Style by Ask Sana

Sana Style by Tanya Sana
Sana Style by Tanya Sana

Did you just say pink girls and red lips? Then this is the filter for you. The peach tones of this filter fully illuminate my image in seconds. It’s surely a great way to end our weekend vibes, don’t you agree?

Well, there you go! These 7 Instagram Filters discovered by me should amplifier defo Improve your selfie game by one level. See you next week with 7 new sets of Instagram filters for you to try. Also, I hope you will stay home and reserve your vaccine slots as soon as possible.


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