6 cozy nightwear sets you can wear outdoors

The pandemic highlighted what is truly important in our lives. It made us wonder how we’ve been living all this time and maybe find better ways to do our business. I love not having to get dressed every day and spend hours in traffic and it feels amazing to choose how we want to appear when exiting. This novel notion put clothing at the top of the fashion food chain. Who doesn’t want to go out in their best comfort? It is still elegant but effortless and you can wear slippers or sandals. The options are endless …

Here are 6 sets of home clothes that I’m totally obsessed with:

1) Urth label

There is nothing worse than having an unexpected guest on your doorstep. For some of those people, you don’t feel the need to even appear like you’re trying to make an effort and then there are those moments when you feel the need to be comfortable but also to look presentable. At that specific time, I would go completely with this adorable plaid plaid set. It’s light, airy and you can also take off your shirt / jacket after a stitch. This is a look that would even be worn for brunch or coffee with friends, right? I love how versatile this outfit is because I could also wear both pieces with other clothes in my closet and I suspect you all feel the same way.

2) Twilight outfit

Would you believe me if I told you this is pajamas? With the hair and makeup, I’m sure no one would believe it. It goes without saying that you don’t have to be dressed up to wear this look. A cute headband with open hair or a high ponytail with an oversized scrunchie could also dress up this look appropriately for a low-key situation. The black belt is what finally makes this look something you could wear outdoors and get away with it, don’t you think? The cinched waist is something I will always love, but you can always swap this belt out for a studded one too.

3) Soft drama

Love me sportswear. This black and white abstract print ensemble with orange details on the sleeves is so eye-catching. If you are going to attend a party at home, this is the perfect look to do it. You’ll probably find me at the beer pong table drinking beer in this outfit, that’s the vibe it gives me. Would you dare to wear a look like this? Pair this ensemble with sneakers, a crossbody bag, and pop-colored lipstick.

4) Sonam luthria

I love hand-dyed fabrics, especially Shibori Print. This beautiful decorated by Sonam luthria It’s a sight for sore eyes Imagine sitting on a balcony enjoying the weather with a cup of tea and a good book. I even dressed appropriately enough to rush out to sort errands and have a quick coffee too. Totes digging the asymmetrical details on the sleeves. Style this look with chunky silver jewelry, tan sandals, and a bow tie for that effortless chic vibe.

5) Nitya bajaj

Stripes and baggy pants are the perfect illusion to look taller. I’m not the biggest fan of anything multi-colored, especially if it’s radically bright, but there is something so wonderfully soothing to the eyes about this set. The length of the shirt, the chest pockets, the sleeves, everything adds that magic touch to a simple look. Easy to dress up and dress up stylish to suit your mood and occasion.

6) Clothing Track

Tie dye has been in fashion for quite some time and it seems like this wonderful cut is going nowhere for a while. This set is perfect for lounging by the pool or by the beach, of course, it is also perfect for many other occasions, including braving the rainy Mumbai weather. Secretly, I love anything with laces because it won’t render my clothes useless if I gain any weight during this pandemic. It’s perfect for those days when you’re dreading getting ready for the part of the day because this outfit is an obvious choice.

Loungewear is definitely here to stay because right now it looks like fyah it’s not necessarily at the top of our priority list. Staying alive and comfortable is, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look soft and cool while trying to survive.

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