When Shilpa Shetty criticized the divorce rumors with Raj Kundra and said, “I love my husband, he is my soulmate, Touchwood!”

When Shilpa Shetty dismissed rumors of divorce with Raj Kundra (Image credit: Facebook / Raj Kundra)

Shilpa Shetty is slowly and steadily returning to work after the arrest of her husband Raj Kundra last month in connection with the distribution and production of pornographic material. After Kundra’s arrest, there was speculation that the two might part, however the actress has yet to talk about it, similarly in 2016 the husband and wife were in the news due to rumors about their divorce, back then Shilpa was quick to deny them.

The actress recently made her big comeback in Super Dancer Chapter 4, the Hungama 2 actress welcomed Lord Ganesh into her residence and is also looking for work to keep busy amid the court custody of her husband.

In an interview with Times of India, Shilpa Shetty had criticized all the reports that speculated on her divorce and Raj, saying: “Why would there be a problem? Are you crazy or what? I love my husband. He is my soul mate, Touchwood! I think because I kept quiet, it was disproportionate. I am not one of those who really believe that I need to clarify something to anyone. Unless it’s something that I feel isn’t necessary. I always think that ‘agar maine isse zyaada importance diya toh aur bada ho jayega’. That is the reason why I fell silent and suddenly saw it as a snowball. I even called my PR, who is an old friend of mine, and told him what the heck is going on, you’ll have to stop this now, it’s really irritating me. “

Due to the ongoing controversy, Shilpa Shetty is doing her best to be positive; She was even seen with her one-year-old daughter, Samisha. When she welcomed Lord Ganesh on Wednesday, trollers quickly attacked her, saying, “Pati ko toh aane do,” while others called her “shameless” just for being herself.

Now it seems that everything you do and say will be taken in a different way by online haters and trollers. However, the criticism never seemed to affect her as she comes back stronger in every situation.

Meanwhile, Shilpa Shetty had issued a statement, saying that she has full faith in ‘The Mumbai Police and the Judiciary of India’, she wrote: “I have not yet commented and will continue to refrain from doing so in this case as it is a subjudgment, so please stop attributing false quotes on my behalf. Reiterating my philosophy of, as a celebrity, “Never complain, never explain.” All I will say is that, as this is an ongoing investigation, I have full faith in the Mumbai police and the Indian judiciary. As a family, we draw on all of our available legal resources. But, until then, I humbly ask you, especially as a MOTHER, to respect our privacy for the sake of my children and I ask you that you refrain from commenting on half-way information without verifying its veracity ”.

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