Jaydeep Sarkar hopes people will rediscover Sant Kabir through ‘Feels Like Ishq’

Jaydeep Sarkar’s episode in ‘Feels Like Ishq’ is inspired by the ideology and poetry of Sant Kabir (Image credit: Instagram / jdsarkar)

Screenwriter Jaydeep Sarkar recently directed the short film ‘Ishq Mastana’, which is part of the anthology series ‘Feels Like Ishq’. The plot of the episode is identified with the ideology and poetry of Sant Kabir.

Starring Tanya Maniktala and Skand Thakur, and set in the midst of protests, ‘Ishq Mastana’ has received rave reviews.

In an exclusive conversation with IANS, Jaydeep Sarkar shared his reactions to his episode as a director: “The response to ‘Ishq Mastana’ has been truly overwhelming and delightful. The love we get from him even today after a month of launching the show is really moving and satisfying, ”said Jaydeep.

“One of the things that really moves me is how so many young people are sharing Sant Kabir’s work on social media and discussing it. Even if people have rediscovered Sant Kabir through this movie, I feel like it has done its job, ”said Jaydeep.

Jaydeep has worked as an assistant with famous filmmakers Anurag Kashyap and Sudhir Mishra. He has been a part of Sudhir Mishra’s films ‘Khoya Khoya Chand’ and ‘Daas Dev’.

The director draws inspiration from Sudhir Mishra’s work, as his episode ‘Ishq Mastana’ draws references to Mishra’s ‘Haazaron Khawaishein Aisi’, which was also set in the context of student protests.

He said, “Of course there is such an inspiration because I worked for Sudhir Mishra for many years. ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ takes place at St Stephen’s College, where I studied. “

“Student activism is common in both films. Both films are set in two different generations, but there are some things that are constant about the students and their commitment to politics and the world they live in. These are themes that attracted me to Sudhir Mishra’s work because these are the themes of my real life as well. That is why I was always so grateful to him. There are definitely subliminal overlaps between the films, ”he added.

Jaydeep had a great journey in Hindi films, from helping directors to directing and writing his films. He shared looking back at his trip.

He said: “I never went to a formal film school. I learned it on the job, whether it was working with Anurag Kashyap or Sudhir Mishra. These are the two filmmakers that I totally respect and adore. I really admire them. It was a privilege to work with them, ”said Jaydeep, who directed the critically acclaimed short film ‘Nayantara’s Necklace,’ with Konkona Sen Sharma and Tillotama Shome.

“I learned a lot on the ground. It has been an enriching experience helping the two stalwarts. Both allow you to find and keep your voice intact. As long as I have learned from them. I’ve been able to hone my craft and present my voice with the clarity that I continue to work on every day, ”said Jaydeep.

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