‘Good deal but bad timing’ perfectly describes Kangana Ranaut’s Biggie

We are just one day away from witnessing the long awaited Thalaivii of Kangana Ranaut. The film opens tomorrow in theaters across the country. In recent days, we have seen the film receive critical acclaim for its performances. So, it’s guaranteed, Kangana doesn’t disappoint us. The only obstacle is now the COVID scare among the people. Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom drew crowds to theaters. But it’s not enough when the movie is as big as Jayalalithaa’s (Amma) biopic. The theatrical part aside, let’s see how the film has performed here, in our ‘How’s The Hype?’

Song of Teri Aankhon Mein

Teri Aankhon Mein has Kangana and Arvind Swami on a film set from yesteryear filming a romantic song. The song gives the old school vibe with the style and music. Has liked 69% of voters here.

New release date announcement poster.

The poster shows Arvind Swami walking away from Kangana Ranaut, with a new release date of September 10, 2021 revealed below. 61% of voters like this poster.

Song of Chali Chali

Chali Chali was the first song to be released from the film’s album. He has Kangana dancing near a waterfall on a film set. You liked the funny song 61% of voters here.

New poster (Kangana with victory sign)

The poster we’re talking about here is one that depicts Amma’s (played by Kangana) transformation from politician to actress. Kangana is seen showing a victory sign while radiating a bright smile. Likes 71% of our audience.


The trailer is the asset of the movie and has been shown here. Kangana represents an act of a shy girl turned actress turned politician that touches hearts. Arvind Swami as MGR also makes his presence felt. The trailer impressed 76% of our voters.

Look in white saree

Kangana Ranaut had revealed her appearance as Amma in a white sari. With an elegant bun with a large round bindi and radiant skin, Kangana looks exactly like Jayalalithaa. Around 81% of people loved it.

Arvind Swami Advancement

Arvind looked extremely effortless and confident in the teaser as MGR. The teaser was intentionally kept to the monochrome effect that made it look more real. Around 88% of people liked it.

First glance

The first glance had Kangana in a pose characteristic of Jayalalithaa and some moments from her youth. Upon its launch, it received a mixed response, with many saying that the prostheses were clearly visible. Here around 64% of people liked it.

On the whole, 70% from our audience gave a thumbs up to Thalaivii here. As our title says, ‘good deal but bad timing’ describes the condition of the great Kangana, as the film has potential to work, but the COVID scare is a huge dent factor. Nonetheless, the film is expected to make the most of what is available, and the OTT market is eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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