A breathtaking life drama that focuses on the dynamics of nuclear families

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Potluck web series review rating:

3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Star cast:
Shikha Talsania, Harman Singha, Ira Dubey, Jatin Sial, Kitu Gidwani, Cyrus Sahukar, Salonie Patel, and Siddhant Karnick.

Creator:Rajshree Ojha

Director:Rajshree Ojha

Transmission in: Sony LIV

Shared Food Review: What’s It About?

The concept of family in our culture is even getting ahead of the popular core configuration and the dynamics are changing rapidly. Potluck is about a man who tries to keep his family together. You decide that your family will get together for a potluck every week, but the way you convince everyone is where you go wrong. Watch the show to see what happens.

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Shared Food Review: What Works:

Family values ​​and the constitution to them have been the subject of numerous amendments. Take, for example, the representation of families in the cinema. From the ever-happy joint family of Sooraj Barajtya, to the emotional division of Baghban and the imperfections within a nuclear family in Kapoor, we have come a long way. Potluck takes us inside one of those elite families that sits at a dinner table and chaos occurs.

The writers Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan, Gaurav Lulla and Bharat Misra in Potluck create a grid and in each box remains a section of a large joint family. Each section has its own set of conflicts, struggles, and redemption. But they are all held together by the father, who is greedy enough to fake a heart attack so his children can arrange a family dinner every weekend.

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Potluck at the base is about a father trying to build a happy and lasting relationship with his children and their families, but if you scratch below the surface, it is also an ode to the grays in all relationships. The imperfections that define each member and the imbalance between them, even if they try very hard to keep things on track.

What also wins in Potluck is the approach to the characters. There is a wife who does not know how to cook, but is a professional in her professional career. Her husband, a vivid cook, covers her. Another is dealing with three children and her job while her husband arrives to meet the needs. A woman (Shikha) is looking for a partner and does not shy away from being brave enough to say what she wants. She has the authority and the man she meets is the subtle one in the relationship. Power dynamics are not predefined and that’s the beauty.

Potluck Review: Star Performance:

Potluck has characters that are the ones we know. Of course they belong to the elite, but haven’t we gotten over that conversation? Jatin Sial becomes the father who tries to update himself over time. You want to be a friend to your children more than a parent. But he is not one of those supremely righteous men, rather he feels that if lying brings them closer, there is no harm.

Cyrus Sahukar becomes the older brother with a luggage. He has a responsibility to be the healthy human amid the chaos and the actor manages to impress in the role. Supporting him is Ira Dubey, who most caught my attention. She is a working mother caught between work and children.

Shikha Talsania plays the daughter who is discovering life. The actor can now walk through those characters and make them look effortless.

Shared Food Review: What’s Not Working:

Potluck takes a dip halfway there. Considering that the family continues to gather over multiple shared meals, it soon becomes repetitive. With each shared meal, I felt like the next might get a bit intense with a much more substantial exchange of words, but it remains the same all the time.

He also hoped that women in this universe would be explored a bit more.

Shared Food Review: Last Words:

It is a lighthearted drama that should be consumed as a family. The representation of families in the visual medium always attracts our attention because we look for it. You can see Potluck on Sony LIV.

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