6 Collaboration Reels From Ruhi Singh That Made Us Say, “Keep Swaying And Wobbling”

Well, we sure all agree that the ‘gram and content creators are two things that always rescue us from boredom, right? Influencers try to connect and engage with their audience by giving them something to look forward to. In that case, we have to admit that the collaborations are one of our favorites. See creators join together to create something epic from time to time is what keeps us hooked on its content. Of many creators, Ruhi Singh is the ‘kween’ of digital trends that is conquering our hearts with its content in the ‘gram. So we thought we’d select a special list of all the amazing collaborations you’ve made with popular creators and artists. So get ready to rock and reel now!

Look at these collab Coils out of:

1. Ruhi singh X Mr. Faisu

It would be a crime if we hadn’t added #Fairuh to the list of collaborationsIt is not like this? Mr. Faisu and Ruhi Singh have collaborated many times so far and every time they create content together, their chemistry hits our mark. ‘gram with a OUTBREAK’! Trending Coils to collaborate for web series to music videos this Boat Name to collaborate is taking social media by storm and on a serious note, we’d like to see you create more content together.

2. Ruhi Singh x Mr. MNV

Raise your hand if you were addicted to this Reel too ‘because, we surely were! Why not imagine an extremely talented diva with a charming superstar, ‘legendary’ right? This to collaborate It was a great surprise for us and we enjoyed it all. We would fully sign a petition to see these two enthu creators collaborate with each other once again, how about you?

3. Ruhi Singh x Aadil Khan

Is there something that Ruhi Singh can’t do? Let us know we are waiting! From fashion to acting to dancing, she is an all-rounder that is taking the internet by storm with her content and talent. When we say dance, the first name that appears in our head is Aadil Khan, so it was essential for Ruhi Singh to collaborate with the last dancer. Her calm and smooth dance moves made us fall in love with this one. Reel.

4. Ruhi Singh x Awez darbar

By now, I think we can all agree that Ruhi has done something epic collaborations! Its wonderful to collaborate with Awez on one of the most popular songs, he literally had us dancing in no time. Not only that, but we are literally playing this game. Reel looping and I can’t wait to see Ruhi and Awez create more dance content together, can you?

5. Ruhi Singh x Jass manak

We all know Jass Manak for his popular songs that make us dance instantly. Seeing Ruhi and Jass in one frame was a great “WOW” moment for us. its Rockin ‘ and Reelin ‘collab It energized my mood and hit us right in the feelings.

6. Ruhi Singh x Sanjana sharma

My God, How many hidden talents does Ruhi have? This Reel Right here we had our eyes wide open and gaping for a few seconds at a time. Ruhi’s belly dancing twist on this viral trend Reel with Sanjana it was just amazing. We really wish we could be as stylish as Ruhi while dancing, the reality is that we’re not even close. he he!

Ruhi Singh has always inspired us with his dedication and passion. She never shies from experimenting and venturing out of her comfort zone. All these collaborations Show us that Ruhi has reached great heights in his career and is on an absolute winning streak. On a side note, we hope that everyone reading this article will stay safe and stay indoors.


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