10 reasons why oatmeal is the best pre-workout food you can eat

You are finally here! You have your mind set on starting your workout and now all you have to decide on is a pre-workout meal. There’s no need to worry because with oatmeal as an option, you’re all set!

We speak with Mr. Raghav Gupta, Founder of Oathean Oatmeal To find out more about the benefits of eating oatmeal as a pre-workout meal and this is what I had to say,

Oatmeal is increasingly used by many celebrities and is highly recommended by fitness experts to eat or as a shake to drink before exercise. This can enhance your workout to be longer and more efficient. While oatmeal can lift your spirits and make you proactive for the long day, here are a few more reasons why oatmeal is the best pre-workout food you can eat.

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Overnight oatmeal

1. Easy to do

Cooked in water or skim milk, adding a hint of honey, oatmeal is one of the simplest breakfast foods that can be made with a two-step recipe and is beneficial for all age groups.

2. Good for weight loss

Not only is oatmeal a delicious breakfast food, it’s also incredibly nutritious and filling. Hugging a bowl of oatmeal before a workout will help you eat fewer calories and lose weight.

3. Increase energy levels

Packed with protein, packed with fiber, and low in fat, oatmeal is the perfect food for a sustained release. Being rich in vitamins and minerals like iron and manganese will provide you with energy for a short or even long workout.

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Healthy porridge

4. Control blood sugar

Oatmeal is unique because it contains a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan. The beta-glucan in oats reduces high cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

5. Reduces hypertension and heart disease

Oatmeal flakes are a good option for regulating diastolic and systolic blood pressure. As exercise weighs on the heart, it should be noted that snuggling with a bowl of warm oatmeal is good for your body and will protect your heart.

6. Build muscles and bones

The proteins found in oats are the building blocks of your muscles. Consuming a sufficient amount of protein will help maintain and promote muscle mass during your workout. Oatmeal also has a long history in treating various skin conditions. So while you feel good on the inside, why not look good on the outside, too?

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Oatmeal smoothie


CHO is an alliteration of C (carbohydrates and H2O (water), both of which are important for physical activity to provide energy. Ensuring CHO in your pre-workout meal will boost your body’s efficiency.

8. Settles well

The fiber-filled outer layer of the oat grain improves digestion. As well as being associated with weight loss and a better quality of life, this superfood won’t leave you bloated and groggy after a meal.

9. Improves the immune system

The special beta-glucan, in addition to neutrophils, improves the immune system and including oats in your pre-workout meal can eliminate infection and help your body fight disease more easily.

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Dry rolled oats

10. Additional Coverages and Combinations

Oatmeal is versatile, and while the traditional way to consume it is oatmeal, there are many other ways to include it in your pre-workout diet. The absolute best way to use oatmeal is to bulk up your protein shake. Or maybe a batch of pre-made oatmeal cookies or muffins?

Adding fruit, yogurt, and natural sweeteners can perk up your oatmeal to its full potential. Drinking enough water during and after exercise is the best way to replenish fluids. With all of this in mind and knowing that you have reliable oatmeal to back you up, now you have your food and are ready to smash those burpees!

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