7 Amazing ‘Stay Drone Challenge’ Reels From Creators That Made Us Want To Jump On The Trend Right Away

When a new trend hits the internet, it sure is amazing to see content creators change these trends and do something nothing short of amazing! A new trend that has been getting a lot of attention in recent days is the #StayDroneChallengme. This trend is about keeping up with the hook of this challenge in the music of To stay by The LAROI boy and Justin Bieber. The cool part of this challenge is using a drone to create the aerial shots that rightfully make it a super amazing trend. Want Check out what some unique and interesting creators take on this trend. Scroll down and look ‘on everything is well now!

  1. Avneet kaur

Avneet Kaur used the ‘Stay Drone Challenge‘ What inspo And he also added his own touch. The creator made an amazing Reel where we now know more about Avneet’s hobbies. Also, we love how the aerial shot captures the beautiful view of the city. Loveee that!

2. Awez Darbar

This Reel by Awez Darbar has a bit of a short story and the same aww-adorable, Mufasa the Chow. Awez quite creatively gave the drone a cute makeover with her furry baby and added the safety message as well. Isn’t this quite an interesting way to fuse some cuteness with a warning message and a trend?

3. Nagma Mirajkar

This shot of Reel The trend has some positive vibes. We love how Nagma has chosen its location as a soccer field. And with the way he effortlessly moves to the beat of this song, we sure know, you had a lot of fun filming this one, didn’t you Nagma?

4. Faisal Shaikh

I have to trust Faisal to add some strut vibes to trends. We love how you showed us your inspiration for this trend and how you chose a green spot for this one. The aerial view shots are surely making us shoot this one right away!

5. Bhavin Bhanushali

When you have a drone-based challenge and you don’t have a drone, this Bhavin hack here may be your go-to. This play it’s so cool and creative we’re saving this Reel not just because of the trend but also because of the gimmick. he he!

6. Anam Darbar

I need another trickbecause don’t have a drone? How about this one from Anam? This Reel It made us laugh a bit and also applaud Anam for this obvious and easily identifiable trick. All tall friends, where are they? all of you in, we have ‘Stay Drone ChallengeCoils do here haha!

7. Now Paul

Jissa’s creative and lively version of ‘Stay Drone Challenge‘ have got we super impressed. Tbh, Who would have thought to use cartoon characters as part of a Reel trend and that too smoothly. Brownie points you out, Jissa!

So here are some really cool versions of the ‘Stay Drone Challenge’ They were creative, they had some really amazing places, and of course they made us dance to the beats as we watched each one of them. We can’t honestly pick one from this list, but do you have a favorite one? Save it for some inspo. Also on a side note, we hope everyone stays home and stays safe and also, book their shots.


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