Jimin, Jungkook, V, Jin, Suga, J-hope or RM – ARMY, who would you like to be your study partner? Vote now

Hello BTS ARMY! Getting ready for the upcoming birthday of RM AKA Kim Namjoon? Well, there is something to look forward to every day when it comes to BTS, don’t you think? This reminds us, just another day, of the BTS video in which we saw the members, aka RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope Jimin, V, and Jungkook, studying. They encouraged ARMYs to study by studying with them through video. Now, there is a question we want to ask you, but not yet. First, let’s get to know each BTS member and the pros and cons (hardly) of studying with them. So, ARMY, are you ready? Also read – BTS: Jimin’s 26th birthday will be very special because of THIS great plan planned by the Chinese ARMY

RM aka Kim Namjoon

Joonie is a smart and cunning person. He loves to read and has an IQ of 148. He also scored in the top 1% of the Korean population on the university test of languages, mathematics, foreign language, and social studies. Also Read – BTS Member Jin Fans Adopt Endangered Wolf In His Name; make a donation to the Red Wolf Species Survival Program

PROS: He would help you stay focused.
CONS: Those dimples can be a huge distraction and, not to forget, that ravishing personality. Also Read – BTS at SOOP 2: Throwback to Stunning Aesthetic Images of V AKA Kim Taehyung from Season 1 – See Photos

Jin aka Kim Seokjin

Jin, when determined, overcomes all challenges. He also seems to learn fast. He specializes in acting and can at least pretend to study with you to keep you company.

PROS: Jin seems strict when it comes to getting the job done. The fear of angering him would be deadly if he didn’t study.
CONS: Uff, the beautiful world face. Also, he is a joker. If you start laughing, there is no turning back.

Suga aka Min Yoongi

Suga seems like the calmest member of the group. However, he is the wisest. You know when to stay focused.

PROS: He is a beloved child and is always ready to help everyone. His words of wisdom will inspire you to another level. He is an incredible entertainer.
CONS: His gummy smile.

J-Hope aka Jung Hosoek

J-Hope seems like a very diligent person. Work very hard on everything and that in itself will inspire you to work hard.

PROS: He doesn’t stop until he’s done and wants everything to be perfect. Plus, her bright, sun-like smile can help you keep going. He is also an amazing entertainer.
CONS: He gets very talkative. And it won’t stop. (wait, it doesn’t seem bad at all, huh?)

Jimin aka Park Jimin

Jimin is also one of the hardest working members of BTS. Keep learning until you finish so there is no room for error.

PROS: Jimin seems like a great motivator. He would keep encouraging you to do better.
CONS: His voice, smile, contagious laugh.

V aka Kim Taehyung

Taehyung may seem like he loves to joke around and fool around like he’s studying, but he won’t let ARMY suffer.

PROS: He won’t bother you, but he will wait until you finish bothering you. 😛
CONS: His eyes, voice, smile and that beautiful face.

Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook is fiercely competitive, so he wants to do better than the best. It is an incredible motivation that you should study.

PROS: Jungkook loves to excel in everything. And he may inspire you with his “let’s get it” spirit.
CONS: Kookie’s goofiness, adorable buck-tooth smile and big eyes.

YET, ARMY, who would you like to be your study partner? Vote below:

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