Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’ wins a 5 minute long standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival, she has already been labeled an Oscar favorite!

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana wins hearts at the Venice Film Festival (Photo credit: Imdb)

Kristen Stewart, known for her role in the Twilight saga as Bella, will now play Princess Diana in her new movie “Spencer.”

The Twilight Fame actress recently received promising accolades at the Venice Film Festival for her dedicated performance, as well as her stunning British accent. Speculators couldn’t help but call it “spectacular.” Noted Daily Telegraph critic Robbie Collin took to his Twitter praise of the actress saying, “Kristen Stewart is Oscar-worthy and Meghan Markle is going to love her.”

‘Spencer’ directed by Pablo Larraín, the story revolves around an anxious princess who is reluctant to gather the royalty for a three-day Christmas reunion after her wedding to Prince Charles is canceled. The story shows Diana as an outcast who is alone and isolated from the rest of royalty, leaving behind only a few: Prince Harry and William. She wants to break long-lasting traditional rules that she says are hypocritical and useless. Speaking about Diana’s legacy at a press screening, Kristen Stewart said, “I think it’s something she was born with.” She continued: “There are some people endowed with undeniable penetrating energy. The really sad thing about her is that so normal and casual and disarming in her air (as she was), she immediately felt so isolated and alone as well. “

Speaking about her experience playing Diana, Kristen Stewart expressed that she enjoyed playing the character of Diana even though going through her journey was emotional for her. He also added that “the bow went out the window as soon as I took a step back.” She continued: “I liked my physique more doing this movie than anything else. I felt freer and more alive and able to move and taller even. “

The movie shows Diana having ‘not so real’ behavior as she is seen to be late for dinner, unexpectedly leaves the table to vomit due to her illness, and becomes frustrated when the maids keep telling her what to do. The film also expresses his deep feelings as he feels like an insect being dissected under the microscope, referring to the problems caused by the paparazzi on the outside and the people on the inside.

Kristen Stewart further said that she could understand how Diana felt in her daily life as she had experienced something similar to that. Kristen confessed, “I wanted to go back a million times every day and say, ‘oh hey, can we redo that interview? I just thought about something else for a second, I didn’t say the right thing. ‘ Imagine how it was for her. Imagine feeling cornered in a corner, up to that point. At some point, you’ll show your teeth. “

Larraín wanted to tell a story about Diana because he felt it was a “backwards fairy tale.” She said, “This is the story of a princess who decided to walk away from the idea of ​​becoming queen because she wants to be herself.” The director claimed that he had done extensive research on her before telling her story, but his film is, of course, a work of fiction and imagination. He said: “We did not intend to do a docudrama, we wanted to create something by taking elements of the real thing and then using the imagination.”

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