Three Ways You Can Rebuild Your Broken Relationship, As Told By An Expert

Suruchi Patwary, September 03, 2021

Couple watching the sunset by OlegRi |

Couple watching the sunset by OlegRi |

When you consider the relationships you have in your life, be it a romantic relationship, a business partnership, or a friendship; Once trust has been broken, rebuilding it can be a very difficult task for most of us. Sometimes this struggle could be due to the circumstances in which the relationship ended, and sometimes other external situations. Maybe you had an ugly fight with your partner, maybe you both said hurtful things to each other, or maybe the time of the relationship was too far away.

The idea of ​​starting over is never easy, but sometimes it pays off. You may feel like you’ve hit a dead end in your current relationship, but no matter how many obstacles you’ve encountered, you’re not trapped or forced to stay in that relationship. Do you want to try again with the same partner? Or do you want to move on with someone new?

Devina Kaur, author of 'Too Fat, Too Loud, Too Ambitious'

Devina Kaur, author of ‘Too Fat, Too Loud, Too Ambitious’

We spoke with Devina kaur—An inspirational speaker, radio host, producer, and self-help book author Too fat Too noisy Too ambitious to find out in what ways it suggests that your relationship can be rebuilt. She began by saying:

The key to rebuilding the possibility of a relationship is to take small steps slowly from scratch before you can fix or rebuild it into a true success story. The secret to rebuilding a strong relationship is having a solid, solid foundation to start with.

1. Recognize yourself

Woman listening to music meditating by Pheelings media |

Woman listening to music meditating by Pheelings media |

Get to know yourself, your wants and needs and become the best version of yourself. When you know yourself, you can make a conscious decision to be true to yourself even when the temptation to become someone else may seem tempting and always do what feels best to you. This will help you create a happy relationship with yourself first, which can then be transferred to a great relationship with others in your life as well. This can be a relationship with a friend, a partner, a colleague, maybe even with family members.

Get away from worrying, take a deep breath, and try again when you are fresh and less worried. Practice gratitude every day as it leads to happiness. Meditation and mindfulness help you focus. Having these stress relief tools on hand will make it easier to be honest about your feelings. This will lead to greater self-awareness and acceptance, which ultimately leads to greater self-esteem.

2. Accept their ‘love language’

Woman making heart shape by SewCream |

Woman making heart shape by SewCream |

The best way to love someone is to understand who they are as a person, discover and accept what their love language could be. The five languages ​​of love are: receiving words of affirmation, spending quality time, receiving gifts, having acts of service, and feeling physical contact.

For example, give your partner a gift on their birthday or when they have accomplished something amazing and always make sure they know how proud you are of them. Go back to the beginning of your relationship and re-learn who your partner is. Start with a clean slate and then make sure you accept them as they are. Then learn to express your love through the language of your partner’s love; This will help you develop intimacy with each other and feel 100 times closer to each other!

3. Laugh out loud

Couple laughing by Nemanja Novakovic |

Couple laughing by Nemanja Novakovic |

The best way to rebuild a relationship is with the pleasure of laughter. Laughing can be therapeutic and releases happy hormones called dopamine that allow you to feel good. Take time to experiment with things that you find fun together and tell stories that will make you both laugh. Joking and laughing are also important ways that people show they feel cared for, which is vital to rebuilding any connection. Devina said:

My motto is to laugh 100 times a day. Make it a habit for you and your partner too! Finding joy in the little moments and focusing on positivity will help both of you feel free, come out of your shell, and find true happiness in the present moment.

From time to time, we think we can do everything on our own. We don’t want to burden others with our problems and we feel that we should be able to take care of things ourselves. The reality is that there are times when we need the help of others to get through tough times and there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help when we need it.

If you are facing a crisis in your relationship, never be afraid to reach out to professionals who are trained to help you. Most importantly, always listen to your intuition and be sure to nurture your emotions and vulnerability. Good or bad, remember that no part of you is your enemy.

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