Sunny Leone Becomes First Bollywood Actress to Launch Her Own NFT Collection of Unique Hand Animated Art: Bollywood News

Sunny Leone is set to become the first Bollywood actress to launch her own NFTs (non-fungible tokens), taking the lead among Indian actors to gravitate towards digital assets. It should be noted that Leone is among the first Indian stars to venture into it, along with superstar Amitabh Bachchan, who also recently revealed his interest in NFT. International celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan have previously ventured on NFT.

Sunny Leone becomes the first Bollywood actress to launch her own NFT collection of unique hand-animated art.

For the uninitiated, NFTs are unique digital native tokens, which are used to represent ownership of digital goods such as images, videos, texts or songs. The ownership and trade of these digital goods can be traced on public blockchains, which in turn provides the necessary authenticity.

Sunny will launch her NFTs, a collection of personally curated artworks that will be available on her website, Explaining what motivated her move, the actress says: “I truly believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of the world and NFTs give me the opportunity to express myself with art and to be able to make each NFT its own unique token, which is really exciting. Each of my NFTs will be 100% unique from each other and will have different levels of rarity. We will have rare NFTs, super rare NFTs, and even ultra rare NFTs. Each NFT can be used later in the future to unlock content and maybe even experiences with me. “

This also marks Leone’s partnership with Mintdropz to launch their own NFT platform. Highlighting his Mindtropz partnership, he adds: “We are breaking new ground by partnering with Mintdropz to launch our own NFT platform so that we can provide our fans with a world-wide experience that goes beyond NFTs, where my fans will be able to use their NFT to unlock content and experiences with me. It’s important to me that we create an NFT collection that lasts longer than a single release. We are building something much bigger. We partner with Mintdropz because

They are a platform for the creator that will help us create blockchain experiences with NFT and build my own world. With Mintdropz, we have our own NFT platform that will allow us to be able to connect with my audience and offer them so many different experiences to interact with my audience that other platforms simply cannot. “

Sunny Leone becomes the first Bollywood actress to launch her own NFT collection of unique hand-animated art.

Admitting that the decision to invest in NFT came from a place where something indelible was created, Leone says: “I wanted to provide an experience where I can express myself with art and also be able to give my fans ownership of this new crypto space. which is really changing the way I can relate to my fans. ”It should be noted that Leone is among the handful of Bollywood actors who are also copyrighted.

With Bachchan’s NFT auction taking place only in the first week of November, Leone has the advantage of being the first to move in the industry to see its great potential. “Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are the future and I am proud to be able to bring the future to India and the rest of the world and make history and offer an NFT that my fans can own and even resell. What matters most to me is that we are making the first NFT collection of a Bollywood star and that is exactly why we go so far to make each piece of art completely original and unique to each person who purchases an NFT. ” .

Unwilling to divulge about collaborators or the number of artworks ready to be auctioned, the actress carefully revealed: “We will announce closer to our release and announce it on our discord channel. Right now, we are focused on working with incredible artists from around the world to put together a collection that will blow your mind with its nuances and details. Each NFT is animated by hand, from costumes to backdrops. You will be able to buy our NFT directly from and all you need is Ethereum and a metamask wallet. Have your crypto ready, they won’t be around for long! “

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