ARMY Realizes Big Hit has been inspired by fan-made ‘Study With BTS’ videos; Share hilarious incidents of when parents got mad at their ‘handsome study buddies’ – see tweets

It’s no secret that ARMY feels that BTS is an inspiration. Yesterday, Big Hit uploaded a Study With BTS video. It was done to motivate students to focus on academics. As we know, there is a lot of focus on ratings / ratings in Korea. It seems like the national college entrance test is only 77 days away, so this video was made to tell kids to study. In Korea, there is a college academic aptitude test that determines your admission to a reputable university. In the video, we can see the septet writing something with full concentration. Teens from all over the world talk about how they watch BTS videos / songs during online classes and the band wanted to tell them to focus on studies. Remember the iconic song, Pied Piper and its lyrics! Also read – BTS: V once forgot his speech at an awards show; what happened next will leave you laughing a lot – look

When ARMY saw the video, fans discussed how Big Hit was inspired by the fan-made edits. As we know, there are many Study With BTS videos on YouTube. In the videos, we can see images where it looks like RM, Jimin, Jin, SUGA, Jungkook, V, and J-Hope are studying. Apparently they are very useful for teens who have a hard time finishing homework or studying. It serves the dual purpose of seeing your favorite guys and working. One of the examples is the video below … Also read – Trending Hollywood news today: BTS enters the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame, Kanye West hints to cheat on Kim Kardashian and more

This is a very popular video with young people around the world. But the comments below are a lot of fun. One girl commented: “My dad didn’t think this was a real zoomcall, he scolded me because there were so many guys on the ‘call’ ‘:)” while another wrote: “Army doing edits and content related to BTS Hybe tag: WRITE THAT. “This comment really takes the cake – my mom caught me watching this video on my computer and thought I was on a real zoom call. She said all the guys on zoom are handsome and asked who is my boyfriend: P. Then proceeds to scold me for being on a zoom call with all the guys LOL. Also read: INCREDIBLE! BTS makes grand entrance into Guinness World Records Hall of Fame with 23 feats

Young people on Twitter also reacted similarly. As we know, RM is the most erudite of the bunch. Next is Jimin, who is an outstanding science student. SUGA is very knowledgeable although not academically inclined. BTS V was a good music student.

We can see the reactions on this development. BTS is made up of RM, SUGA, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook. His song Butter has broken records this year.

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