Princess Diana had a dream in Hollywood, but not being in front of the camera, reveals an old friend

Princess Diana planned to enter Hollywood before her tragic death (Photo credit: wikimedia)

Princess Diana is one of the most talked about figures in royal history. The part-loved and part-controversial figure has always made headlines at equal intervals, even decades after her death. While everything about her surprises us and why not, there is always something new to be surprised with. The last thing is that the beauty was ready for Hollywood.

Princess Diana was the most documented member of the royal family, and her story is one of the most talked about chapters. But if the last part of the update is to happen, the princess was building her career in Hollywood before her tragic death. Kevin Costner is also said to have wanted her for a possible sequel to his 1992 blockbuster The Bodyguard, but she liked the world more behind the camera than the front. Read on to find out everything.

The latest revelations about Princess Diana and her Hollywood dreams come from friend and confidant Stewart Pearce. According to Mirror, Pearce made it very clear that his dreams were not to shine on the big screen, but to work behind it. I wanted to make documentaries like the one Prince Harry is doing now. “No, no, no,” he said. “That is something Diana was not interested in. Absolutely. Although she was a fan and enthusiast of the performing arts, particularly dance, this (performance) was not something that she would consider her creative path to now. “

Stewart Pearce added: “I remember her talking about the quirk of the wonderful idea of ​​Kevin coming forward saying that we would love to make a movie about you. She would have stayed behind the lens. I was lucky enough to attend a number of private parties where we went to theaters. I knew he was much better as a person behind the camera than in front of the camera. ‘

Stewart Pearce, now 68, learned of Princess Diana’s Hollywood dream when he was her private voice and presence coach.

He added: “There were a number of important projects that were being developed in his conciseness through offers that had been offered to him. But one of the biggest opportunities he wanted to create was to start developing documentaries about three charitable interests that would later be assimilated into the biggest movies. He planned to spend a lot of time in Hollywood. The point was that Princess Diana was really beginning to explore her creative power. “

Through her Hollywood friends like David Puttnam, she was ready to meet many Hollywood contacts, but Princess Diana was never able to attend the reunion as she took her last breath in August 1997. Stewart says she could have won many praise if he had could have entered the city of tinsel as a producer.

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