Bangladeshi actor Pori Moni gets bail after spending 27 days in jail

Bangladeshi actor Pori Moni is released on bail, HC criticizes multiple forwards (Photo credit: Facebook)

Popular Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni was released on Wednesday after 27 days in jail, a day after she was granted bail of 50,000 taka.

Her bond came 21 days after she filed the petition, and the Supreme Court court of the Supreme Court vigorously denounced the role of lower court judges in granting multiple referrals of the actress in a case under the Act. of Narcotics Control.

In their remarks on lower court pre-trial orders, a court of Judge Mostafa Zaman Islam and Judges KM Zahid Sarwar said: “This cannot happen in any civilized society. Return is an exceptional matter.

“It is necessary to verify what evidence the investigating officer presented with the preventive detention declarations and the reasons why the court granted the preventive detention.”

In 27 days in captivity, Pori Moni spent seven days in pretrial detention.

After getting out of jail on Wednesday, a smiling Pori Moni was busy with selfies. He also threw an open palm salute, displaying the words and symbols he had engraved with mehendi, causing further infamy in a few minutes. “Don’t love me …” he said, with an added expletive for effect.

With juicy gossip regularly published against Pori Moni, a lawyer filed a petition on August 25, requesting a High Court order from the government to remove reports, videos and photographs that were “libelous and murderous in character” to her, along with with some others.

Earlier, on August 21, Pori Moni, in a public hearing, begged her lawyers to present another request for bail after the end of her third pre-trial detention.

“Why isn’t anyone asking for my bail? I will lose my sanity … please beg my bail, ”he said.

At the same hearing, Pori Moni’s lawyers urged the court to allow them to speak to the actor, but the Dhaka court denied permission.

On August 26, the High Court issued a ruling requesting an explanation as to why a lower court had set a hearing on Pori Moni’s other bail petition 21 days after she had filed the petition, qualifying the delay as “restricting the rights of the accused.”

Later, the Ain or Salish Kendra stood next to Pori Moni and questioned the validity of the pre-trial order against Pori Moni several times, with the High Court observing that the court cannot grant pre-trial detention just because it was asked to did it.

Shamsunnahar Smrity, alias Pori Moni, was arrested during a raid by the Rapid Action Battalion on August 4 and taken to a trial court in Dhaka following the end of a four-day pre-trial detention.

In early June, in a Facebook post and at a subsequent press conference at her residence, Pori Moni revealed how businessman Nasiruddin Mahmud, former president of the Uttara Club and person of political influence, had tried to rape her and threatened to assassinate her in the Dhaka Boat Club. She said that once she escaped from the club, she has been unable to bring a case against him because law enforcement officials refused to register her complaint.

The affair had shocked the nation and Mahmud, the current entertainment secretary of the Dhaka Club, was arrested along with three women and drugs and liquor were seized from his home in the Uttara area. However, after 18 days, he was released into police custody.

The raid on Pori Moni’s home occurred on August 4, and the RAB claimed to have recovered drugs and foreign liquor from there. Pori Moni was found arrested in a narcotics case a day later and a Dhaka court placed her in custody for four days.

“I am being framed for false charges and you are laughing!” he told onlookers as he left the courtroom.

This would not be the last preventive detention granted to Pori Moni either. At the end of the preventive detention period, the case was transferred to the Detective Section, but hours later, the CID assumed control.

Pori Moni would appear in court again on August 10, when law enforcement officers would be granted two more days of preventive detention against his request for five days. On August 18, the CID again requested a new five-day pre-trial detention for Pori Moni, but the court only granted a one-day pre-trial detention.

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