Adorable images of Bigg Boss’s fame with his mother that define their bond

Pictures of Sidharth Shukla and his mother show the strong bond between them (Photo credit: Instagram)

Famous TV and film actor Sidharth Shukla, who had won season 13 of Bigg Boss, passed away today due to cardiac arrest. It was a surprise to all his fans and other television celebrities to learn of his early disappearance. He recently appeared on two shows which were Bigg Boss OTT and Dance Deewane 3. His last on-screen performance was the popular Ekta Kapoor show ‘Broken But Beautiful 3’ for which he was admired.

Sidharth is survived by his mother and two sisters. It was reported that he was very close to his mother, Rita Shukla. Wherever he spoke or took an interview, he had always made it a point to talk about his closeness to his mother. In 2020, Humans of Bombay released a video showing the late actor talking about his close relationship with his mother.

1. Sidharth Shukla shared this image on Mother’s Day on his Instagram account with a caption: “Acknowledging all your love and sacrifice on this special day because you make my day.”

2. Sidharth Shukla posted another post showing his beautiful bond with his mother and made sure to be with her whenever possible.

3. During his time at Bigg Boss’s house, his mother had come to meet him during an assignment and he was crying after seeing her.

4. Sidharth Shukla had previously confessed that his mother was a great motivation and driving force for him. “I always acted like the ‘cool guy,’ so in an attempt to ‘teach me a lesson,’ she sent me to a modeling contest thinking they would put me in my place. Interestingly, I actually won! So even on a subconscious level, she has been a guiding force in my life. “

5. Being a mommy’s boy, it was hard for Sidharth to even imagine being away from her, “When my dad passed away 15 years ago, it felt like the umbrella had been taken away from us. But my mom, being the strong woman that she is, was our rock in everything. She never showed signs of vulnerability. Despite our poor finances, she ran the house smoothly, took care of three children, and always complied with our demands. Now I realize that he must have had to sacrifice so many things to give us what we wanted. “

6. Earlier, in an interview, Sidharth Shukla said: “People know me as a man with a tough exterior. But the only person I’ll ever melt for is my mom. Since I was born, she has been the most important person in my life. I was the youngest of three brothers and too young to play with my sisters, so I was always close to Mom. When I was a little kid, I would cry if I had to go a second without her, so even when I had to make rotis, she would hold me in one hand and the rolling pin in the other! ”.

May the soul of Sidharth Shukla rest in peace.

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