There is no time to die! The final trailer hits the Internet! Daniel Craig fans can’t control their emotions

Daniel Craig will play James Bond for the last time in No Time to Die (Photo Credit: Film Still Image)

The stakes are high in No Time To Die that will finally be released after a long hiatus from the pandemic outbreak around the world. The main reason is, of course, that Daniel Craig plays 007 fame for the last time. The creators know what the fans wanted and now they have decided to give them more. The final trailer for the latest James Bond movie has been released and it’s ruling the internet.

The trailer that made its way last night is everything fans have been waiting for. The No Time To Die snippet is a look at the phase they’re definitely going to cry watching, the part where Daniel Craig sets out to say a final goodbye to the franchise and its fans. Twitter right now is awash with fan reactions that are emotional right now. Read on to find out what they have to say.

In reaction to the trailer for No Time To Die, a Twitter user expressed how this movie is 15 years after Daniel Craig’s debut as 007 prodigy. He wrote: “The final trailer for ‘No Time to Die’! I can’t wait to see this final outing from Daniel Craig. It’s unreal that 15 years have passed since his debut as 007. “Another wrote:” Man, this looks AMAZING. I have to see a scene from Cinemacon and I have to tell you all about it. Based on what I saw. We have a ride ahead. “

A user was there to give a theory about the protagonist of Daniel Craig. It read: “I have a theory about the trailer for No Time To Die and it’s been driving me crazy. Since the movie points to Safin’s evil plan involving some virus, and we see this shot right here of Bond staring at his hands … I think Bond probably gets exposed to the virus early on … … and the movie has a new layer of tension being Bond fighting this virus in him as everything goes downhill. Especially since the new trailer is very focused on death and making sense. I do not know. Just speculating. “

Check out the reactions below:

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