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Nushrratt Bharuccha made a name for himself with Luv Ranjan’s Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011) and through its success landed gray-shaded roles in films such as Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015) and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety (2018). The actress changed tracks with Dream Girl (2019) and Chhalaang (2019), where she played positive characters. With Ajeeb Daastaans (2021), he again played a twisted character. Her role as a maid in the segment directed by Raj Mehta was highly appreciated. She says she had a lot of fun on the sets even though it was a dark movie. And he adds that the director and his entire team had a crazy sense of humor. “My co-star, Abhishek Banerjee, is also a joker. There were times when filming was delayed because I couldn’t get into my character because I was laughing a lot. We all used to go out to dinner together after packing. It was incredible “.

She mentions that she has no qualms about playing dark or difficult characters because they are so much more fun. And they give you the freedom of action to do more as an actress. “I like living in those spaces where you don’t know why a character did a certain thing. You want to ask “why”. You want to understand their motives. My characters in Dream Girl or Chhalaang were just plain vanilla characters compared to what I did before or even what I did in Ajeeb Daastaans. Why settle for vanilla when there are so many other flavors? “, It states.

He loved Minal, his Ajeeb Daastaans character because he was full of ambiguities. Minal stole money or lingerie but she was not a thief. Or rather, in his eyes she was not a thief, but someone on the fringes who was trying to get by by any means possible. Nushrratt says that when you play those characters, you start by not judging them. “She is about to join a new house as a servant. She knows that the owner of the house has plans for her. ‘Kya kar lega, 3-4 ghanta dekh lega na aur uski biwi hain ghar pe aur karr bhi kya sakta hai’ (What will he do? He can only look at me for 3-4 hours. His wife is at home, What else can he do ?) This line shows both your strength and your vulnerability. And it’s too real because that’s the kind of society we live in. “He loved Inayat Verma, the little squirrel who played his cheeky little sister in the movie and says he has never met a more orderly person. The boy never She used to bother about nothing and dealt with delays and night shifts with the calm of a Zen master. Inayat even used to give clues on the Nushrratt lines if she was wrong. “I’ve never seen a person like her. Talking to her felt like if I was talking to a person closer in age than a person much younger. I spent a lot of time with her and her parents and it was an enriching experience. I hope it doesn’t change. If you continue on your journey, you could become one of our top stars one day. “

ushrratt is excited about her upcoming horror film Chhorii, directed by Vishal Fury, who is reshaping her own Marathi hit Lapachhapi (2017) in Hindi. They have Crypt TV on board as a producer, so one can be sure that it will have international distribution. It is a horror movie with a message and it also has a lot of humor. Most of the film was shot during the pandemic. “We were filming from November to December last year in Bhopal. No one was allowed without personal protective equipment, masks or gloves. There was a constant quick check every day. We were all in a quarantine hotel. We took all precautions and shot for 28 days without any COVID-19 cases. “Nushrratt plays an eight-month pregnant woman in the film. It was a new experience for her as she had no parallels to draw on and constantly asked questions. her pregnant friends about the experience to get into her character’s mental landscape. She became so involved with her character that, like a real pregnant woman, she began to have emotional fluctuations. One time, she collapsed in the middle of a scene and began to cry. “I wasn’t forced to cry at the scene, so the ADs came up to me and told me that the director had said cut and that I should stop acting. The cameraman noticed something was wrong and called the director, who was checking the scene on the monitor. My director came running and, seeing my condition, ordered everyone to leave the set and let me cry in private. He understood that I had to leave everything at that time. “

The talk turns to Ram Setu. The big-budget movie has Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez as its co-stars. It’s the biggest movie she’s signed so far and so she’s obviously in love with it. Akshay is said to be a stickler for timelines and also a fitness fanatic. He is also said to be quite a jovial person on sets and Nushrratt agrees that he is all of that and more. “There is never a dull moment when Akshay sir is on set. He is always joking around and making sure everyone around him is relaxed. He takes care of everyone on sets. His team brings enough food to feed everyone, so we were always eating something. At first I was worried about working with him, but the relaxed atmosphere on the sets helped me to do my best, ”she adds. He had met Jacqueline during an awards function and the two girls had immediately bonded. Nushrratt remembers using different Instagram filters with Jacqueline and clicking all kinds of crazy selfies with her. So there was a connection with her from before. “She is one of those absolutely rare, genuine, open-hearted and loving souls that made me feel so comfortable. I was so welcomed and loved while filming with her. Without a doubt, she is my favorite person. Definitely a big crush, I love her, ”says Nushrratt. It’s not like she needs to be welcomed on every set. While Nushrratt agrees that a fun atmosphere leads to better shots, he says he can get excited next to a cardboard cutout if necessary. “I’m an actor. I can fall in love with a mannequin if my director asks me to. Basically, what we do comes from within. I need to take advantage of my own space to deliver. That is what being a professional is all about.”

Akshay Kumar tested positive for COVID-19 and everyone associated with him had to self-quarantine. Nushrratt wasn’t on set when that happened, but he felt bad for the producers as they had to shut everything down. Then, the second phase of the confinement occurred and the shooting stopped again. It remains stagnant as we speak. She is glad that Akshay has returned home safely and is waiting for the curbs to be lifted so the shooting can begin again. “The unit had taken so many precautions. Everyone had to get tested for COVID-19 before going to the shoot. Everyone wore masks and face shields. And only actors could take them off, that too when the camera was rolling. So I don’t know how it happened, ”he reflects. “I completely trust the creators and will report back on the sets whenever they need me,” he says.

Nushrratt Bharccha

To minimize their losses, the filmmakers have decided to release their films on OTT. Nushrratt is not bothered by this fact at all. His position is that the film must reach the audience. It does not matter if it is in a traditional way through theaters or OTT platforms. “We couldn’t have released our movies at all if these platforms didn’t exist. I prefer to leave my things there rather than have dust accumulate somewhere. It’s a new life, ”he reflects. A decade in the industry and she’s still nervous as her movie nears its release. She begins to hyperventilate mainly. And you don’t like going to preview screenings either. “He had never seen a movie of mine before it was released. I just look at my own portions even while folding. I catch it after three or four days of release. I don’t know how others can be so cool with all of this, ”he wonders.

Nushrratt Bharccha

And she’s not comfortable doing publicity interviews, either. “Because I am a nervous wreck during those days. So it is difficult to meet the press and answer all those questions. I’d rather dig a hole somewhere and hide. I joke with my producers saying that I prefer to do the publicity interviews after the premiere of a movie and not before, ”he adds with a smile. My last question is about the status of your relationship. The press has linked her to director Luv Ranjan, although both have denied any romantic angle. Nusrratt says she is very single and ready to mingle. “I have a legitimate question: where are the men? I’ve been ready to be in a relationship for a long time, but it doesn’t seem to happen. I would love someone to surprise me. “
Love that!

Nushrratt Bharccha

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