8 Instagram Reels Trends That Hit Viral Note In August

Alice Peter, Aug 31, 2021

Reels Trends, Jannat Zubair, Anushka Sen (Source: Instagram | @ jannatzubair29, @ anushkasen0408)

Reels Trends, Jannat Zubair, Anushka Sen (Source: Instagram | @ jannatzubair29, @ anushkasen0408)

From time to time, new trends circulate on social media, some of which rise to the top. These top trends are so good and catchy that all influencers jump on this bandwagon. In the month of August, there were quite a few trending challenges and audios that caught everyone’s attention. So in case you missed it, here are a few Reel trends that ruled Instagram And, of course, they were loved by the creators. Scroll and check ‘on out of!

Ready. Place. Travel!

1. Catch my face

This really fun trend has been trending and creators can’t seem to get enough of it. All you have to do is try to correctly capture your eyes, nose and mouth by blinking. If you do it right, you complete your face, haha! If you ask me that the difficulty level of this challenge is medium, why not try it too?

2. #Baby

This hit number per Justin Bieber got an interesting twist and the internet can’t get enough of it. This Reel The trend has an amazing dance routine and creators are adding their generous dash of cheek to it. East by Jannat Zubair it’s done so well and smoothly that you may have seen it looping.

3. Jeff bezos

This trend is the perfect way in which one can summarize their “then and now” journey, and it can highlight the fact of how long it has come. The “then and now” bit can be shown in just two photos. I like how Anushka Sen He has taken some photos, compiled them, and added a touch of style along with his two photos. Also, special mention of how this Coils the audio has such an uplifting vibe.

Four. Blinks at 4,000

the # blinkat4 The challenge is another super cool challenge where you have to blink exactly 4,000. And trust me, this one can be quite tricky, because there are many creators who have missed the 4,000 mark for just a few seconds. Also I love how Siddharth Nigam has done this quite easily, don’t you agree?

5. Cropping photos

If you are looking for a Instagram trend to do with your group of friends, then this sure is going to be a lot of fun. In this trend, you just shouldn’t click on the crop box. It sounds easy, but it can be tricky, so how about you try it? Too, Mrinal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma Do you look super cute in this one?

6. FRIENDS Audio challenge

Who doesn’t love the TV series? FRIENDS Right? And if you love this series, you will defo know the song title word by word, amirita? This tendency is about not knowing the words, but knowing the exact moment in which the applause occurs in the song. Anam darbar I tried this trend with Naveen Sharma and it sure looks like fun. BRB Try this trend right away!

7. #QuestionsIGetAskedAs

First of all, let’s talk about the audio of this Reel trend, it’s so catchy that it may have lived in my mind for longer than usual, for free! But what I love about this trend is how the creators highlight the most frequently asked questions along with their wacky reversals. In this ReelI like how Ashi khanna has answered the questions straight to the point, go girl!

8. 1,2,3… Loading

This is a super cute trend that has been circulating as well. All you have to do is use the ‘Charging’ filter and after the 1,2,3 count the screen freezes and the charging graph appears. This is an amazing filter to try with your friends, just like this one Teen tigada trio did. So what are you waiting for to try it? As soon as possible!

So here are some Reel trends that made creators go crazy on the ‘gram. While these trends may have a basic outline, I love how creators own them all by adding their own unique twists to them. I’ll save them all and give them a try, but do you have a favorite from this list? Tell us in the comments. Also, as a side note, I hope everyone stays home, stays safe, and reserves their shots.


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