7 reels that show the beautiful bond Awez Darbar shares with her mom

Deepal Mehta, Aug 30, 2021

Farzana, Awez Darbar (Source: Instagram | @awez_darbar)

Farzana, Awez Darbar (Source: Instagram | @awez_darbar)

Honestly i feel Instagram It has helped build many professional and personal relationships between people, don’t you think so too? Instagram it has become more of a community than a simple social media platform. I love how some creators even create content with their family members and make them part of their digital journey. One of those creators who is the king of creation fabulous Coils it is Awez Darbar, who has tasted and shown his love for his mother, Farzana in various ways. So scroll down to see your special link!

Let’s see some Coils by #Farwez

1. I love you Country!

My GodI love how Awez imagines her mother around her at all times. The way you lay out the blanket and adjust the pillows according to your comfort really shows your gratitude for her. That too Reel it is learning for all of us to spend time with our parents and close ones.

2. Taking advantage of trends like …

I guess Awez doesn’t let anyone out of the Atrangz studio without skipping the trends, don’t you think too? As he also pointed out, I am kidding, not his mother looks so much like Jaya bachchan. I’m amazed at how easily you choreographed these steps making sure it’s not too much for your mother or boring for your audience, well done friend!

3. Your surprises are priceless

Awez always has your ideas ready, all you need to do is implement them. Coming to this Reel, again surprising his fam it has always been at the top of their charts no matter the occasion. Tbh, his mother was so excited and happy to see the newest member that it made our hearts melt. Besides, Awez we also know the trick of this magic, Hahaha! 😛

4. Let’s see what he got for his birthday …

Guys, this is super unique and fun too! Awez being Awez has to do something different from the others every time. You can’t even imagine what he gave his mother on her birthday, any guess? Well, I’ll tell you. He gave her a check with his entire bank balance. If this is not love I dont know What is it. <3

5. Nazar na lage

First, apply a virtual kaala teeka to this fabulous mother-son Fucked. Second, I can’t stop praising Mrs. Farzana’s dance enough, as she looks like every other dancer here, she’s that amazing. You too defo I have to wait till the end, that’s the best part of it all Reel. NahI’m not going to give any clues this time, check it out for yourself!

6. Awez Master Plan

As we all know, Awez never leaves anyone without being pranked, am I right or am I right? This is quite similar to a joke, he cheated on his mother but in the end, she was happy and that’s what matters the most. And, of course, the hug that followed has to be her mother’s sweetest gesture.

7. Ending on a vaporous note …

No one on earth can love you more than your parents and all we want is for our parents to be happy and content, right? How is it possible that this item does not have a fuzzy angle? haha. Last but not least, I love how the music adapts so well to its environment. This Reel legitimately transferred me to the movie, K3G virtually.

Well there you have these Coils it gave me the right feelings. Also, no amount of Coils they can justify their love for each other, it’s that precious and special! After seeing these Coils, I really want visit the Atrangz study. On a side note, I hope you stay home and go out alone unless it is very necessary. Also, I hope you are reserving your spaces for vaccinations.


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