“When I first learned that Tiger Shroff would sing Vande Mataram, I was surprised” – Lyricist Kaushal Kishore

Nawaz Kochra, August 27, 2021

Kaushal Kishore (Source: Instagram | kamekaushalkishore)

Kaushal Kishore (Source: Instagram | kamekaushalkishore)

Lyricist Kaushal Kishore who has written some amazing songs like Muskurayega India, Jeeta Rahe Mera India, has received amazing responses for his songs. And late, who also wrote the lyrics of Vande mataram what stood out Shroff Tiger. The song has received an incredible response and Kaushal has had an incredible experience with it.

So we decided to talk to the lyricist and find out what it is like to be associated with songs that work so well and this is what he had to say …

The idea behind writing Vande Mataram

Writing Vande Mataram after Muskurayega India and Jeeta Rahe Mera India was a special experience. Muskurayega India was about hope, Jeeta Rahe Mera India was dedicated to the business world, but Vande Mataram is a dialogue between the national flag and citizens and how it inspires people to value hope and understand their responsibilities. Writing this song was difficult because I started it even before Muskurayega India and the condition of the country crossed my mind over and over again while writing this song. So it took time because circumstances in the country were difficult and kept changing. So I made changes to the track at least four times before getting to the final version.

On Muskergaya India and Vande Mataram being praised by PMModi

There can be no better reward for a writer than to be accepted by the people of his country. When Prime Minister Modi shared the lines of my track Muskurayega India when our country was fighting COVID-19 and so many lives were being lost, I felt that that was my responsibility and contribution towards the country. And when he shared Vande Mataram on the occasion of Independence Day, he felt gratifying. It meant a lot coming from him. This is not something that happens frequently. So many artists from across the country shared the song’s post. I feel honored.

On Tiger Shroff making his singing debut with this song

Tiger is a very hardworking person. We should learn that from him. She spends a lot of time and energy on everything, be it her dancing, her acting, or her physique. It’s something we should learn from him. When I first knew that Tiger would sing the song, I was amazed. The track took a lot of effort and doing it was a responsibility. So yeah, I was a little nervous, but the way he sang it and the way composer Vishal Mishra arranged it, it was so overwhelming. Tiger worked very hard and has sung it to perfection.

On his journey

I don’t think any journey is easy. Coming from a town where people don’t understand the meaning of a lyricist was a challenge. But each trip has its own charm. I have been in the industry for almost 14 years and have been watching things here very closely. I was sure I will definitely make it big one day. I feel like when I got the offer from Muskurayega India and I wrote it down in 20 minutes, my life turned upside down after that. Today, I work with some major labels and I am enjoying it.

About your next projects

There are many songs, but when you write for your country, the feeling is very different. I consider myself lucky to have written three songs dedicated to my country so far and I would also love to write many more in the future. There is no stronger emotion than your country.

Have you seen it, Vande Mataram?


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