The Tiki app brings together 9 artists with different talents in a music video starring rapper Viruss

Blessed with one of the largest young populations in the world, India has always been home to many phenomenal artists with diverse talents. Although every year we see talented new artists on reality shows and talent search shows, there are many others who fail to fulfill their aspirations in the absence of the right platform or the right opportunity. However, this is not true for Tiki Squad 01, a group of local artists from different cities and towns, who combined their talents to compete through a two-month competition. After being awarded as the winner of the competition, everyone is ready to enchant the audience with a music video starring famous rapper Viruss from ‘Bam Bhole’.

The team is made up of a total of nine artists: Azhan Memon, Deepesh Tiwari, Tanu Jain, Nawaab Kevar, Javed Khan, Aasheer Khan, Shubham Verma, Almaaz Khan and Husena Khan, the latter two of whom are still continuing their school education. Two members of the squad hail from Mumbai, while others hail from smaller cities such as Ajmer, Kota, Indore, and Gandhidham. Even though they came from humble origins and regions with limited scope to display their talents, they didn’t let any obstacles get in the way of their zeal to pursue their dreams.

The artists have known each other for a long time, having started simultaneously using a short video app a few years ago. However, it was only after their debut on the Tiki app that they found a chance to discover their combined mettle. These artists formed a team and together they fought for eight weeks of competition to finally emerge as the winner among at least 30 teams and more than 300 participants. The music video featuring the artists is essentially a song titled #DiamondKaHaar, which has been sung by singer, songwriter and songwriter Ayush Talniya, Brown Gal along with rapper Viruss.

In the music video released on August 27, the squad can be seen planning a major heist. Although they do not execute their plan successfully, the team members find themselves with another opportunity for life that prevents them from being part of a criminal activity. What is even more important is the sense of pride and confidence that was instilled in each artist through the opportunity. While many of them became part of a professional dance rehearsal for the first time in their lives, some had not even faced a professional camera or had traveled on a flight before.

When asked how they perceive the opportunity and whether their children had to participate in education due to the competition and the filming of the music video, the parents of the talented children Almaaz and Husena mentioned that they were delighted that their children had a chance. pursue your passions at such a young age. They added that since everything from the trip to the filming of the music video was done under their supervision, they were completely satisfied with the turn of events and also managed to strike a balance when it came to their studies.

The short video app Tiki gave all of these artists the opportunity to be part of a larger community of like-minded people and content creators. Furthermore, the app has become a platform where even grassroots artists can become popular stars.

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