Karan Nath Blames Pratik Sehajpal For Zeeshan Khan-Akshara Singh Fight, Reacts To Animosity From Shamita Shetty And Divya Agarwal

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We are nearing the end of the third week at Bigg Boss’s OTT house and it seems like the drama is just beginning. Eliminated last week, as he and his connection, Ridhima Pandit, have few votes combined was Karan Nath. The actor spoke to us recently and had a lot to say about his former housemates and his behavior on the show.

During an exclusive conversation with Koimoi, Karan opens up about many they think, especially the fights that have taken place in the controversial house. While shedding light on who the Zeeshan Khan-Akshara Sharma actually blames, the evicted Bigg Boss OTT contestant also spoke about the animosity between Shamita Shetty and Divya Agarwal. Read on to find out everything he said next.

Sharing his views on the Zeeshan Khan-Akshara Sharma fight that broke out last week, Karan Nath said: “I honestly think they were both to blame. Zeeshan shouldn’t have said what he said, dhairay and all that, and the tone he used. Even Akshara used a very bad line that he shouldn’t have used for Zeeshan. So they were both to blame and I think this problem could have been easily solved. I completely blame Prateik (Sehajpal) for this. “

Karan Nath from Bigg Boss OTT added, “He could have handled this situation very well. He was Akshara’s partner. If I wanted to, I would definitely have – waise hi utthata rehta hai woh cheeze idhar udhar – usko bus box hi help karna tha Zeeshan ki. Bus box uthana tha ek room se dusre room mai rakhna tha. Agar woh chahta toh woh yeh sab kar sakta tha par usko nahi karna tha because they wanted – he and Akshara wanted to give some content, a mudda banana tha iss cheez ka. I blame three of them for this (fight), because Pratik just wanted to make a problem with this. “

When asked about the animosity between Divya Agarwal and Shamita Shetty, Karan Nath said that the two main leads disagree and don’t really get along. The evicted Bigg Boss OTT contestant said: “I think Shamita and Divya didn’t get along from day one. I think they both had some ego problems, some differences, that’s the root of the problem.” He added, “(The fights) are always like this with them. They’re all genuine fights, they don’t do it for content or something, they don’t really get along. They sure aren’t on the same page. “

Former Bigg Boss OTT continued: “I know when I used to use Divya, Shamita didn’t like it. Shamita used to ask me ‘Tum usko behen bolte ho’ and she used to feel bad because she liked me. Shamita se baat karta toh Divya ko beechari… Par Divya was very sweet to me on the show. She took good care of me from day one, treated me like her own brother. “

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