Pooja Bedi remains anti-Vaxxer, says taking the jab is “illogical and sinister”

Read on for everything Pooja Bedi has to say as she continues her anti-Vaxxer behavior (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Pooja Bedi is an anti-vaccine and has not shied away from talking about the same thing on social media. This morning, through a series of tweets, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar continued to show the same behavior and even called the mass vaccination campaign to protect against Covid-19 as ‘sinister and illogical’.

While she also compared survival rate data before and after vaccination, the actress stated that taking the hits in a “bottomless pit of vaccines” as antibodies wear off and booster shots are needed. Read on to find out what he had to say in his recent spiel.

Taking to her official Twitter account a while ago, Pooja Bedi wrote: “If 99% survive the covid with or without the vaccine … the government should focus on isolating, vaccinating and masking THOSE who have COMBORBITIES and are in the group risky. DO NOT VACCINE the whole world! And certainly not discriminate against the unvaccinated! It is illogical and sinister! “Tagging the Prime Minister, the United Nations and other civic bodies, he wrote in his next tweet:” Is there a credible answer to this question? Why is 100% of the population vaccinated when 99% survive? to Covid? The survival rate before the vaccine was 99%. The survival rate after the vaccine is 99%. “

Responding to a user, who told him to let people choose whether or not they want to be vaccinated and that it depends on the companies they allow to enter their establishments, Pooja Bedi tweeted: “Not welcome. Whether it’s a business or a country… based on a vaccine… you will be denied income, facilities or opportunities. What if. That’s discrimination “

In another tweet, while calling vaccines a ‘bottomless pit’, Pooja Bedi stated: ‘How can a’ Universal Pass’ be valid for two jabs when they can contract covid and spread covid as if they were not vaccinated? And especially because now they say that 2 injections are not adequate (the antibodies disappear) and that booster injections are needed … how is there any guarantee? It’s a bottomless pit of vaccines! “

A couple of days ago, Pooja Bedi even tweeted about being forced to wear a mask while driving, but it was okay to eat at a restaurant without one. The actress had written: “It’s strange that you have to wear a mask in your own car with your husband by your side (but you can kiss him at home without one). Even weirder that you get out of the car and can sit in a restaurant. (no mask) with your friends and in the middle of strangers. Useless protocols! Adding to this tweet a few minutes ago, she wrote, “We are simply being subjected to the whims and illogical decisions of legislators / people in power. Loss of lives / children’s education / income and

The opportunity for the vast majority of the country due to covid protocols and restrictions is unmatched at the 1% death rate from covid. “

Do you agree with Pooja Bedi’s anti-vaccine sentiments? Let us know in the comments. Also, stay tuned to Koimoi for more news and updates from the world of entertainment.

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