Washington Post columnist who claimed that Indian food is made up of a spice that is roasted

From time to time, netizens take over Twitter to make the strangest things go viral. But this time, desis around the world were shocked when a Washington Post columnist wrote in his article that Indian food is made up of a single spice. Certainly that is false, as many soon began tweeting that Indian food, in fact, includes many spices that are a staple in the daily food consumed by the community. The amount of backlash it received forced the Washington Post to correct its article that mentioned that Indian food consisted of a single spice.

Washington Post Indian Food

An article on The Washington Post The reading You Can’t Make Me Eat These Foods by Gene Weingarten received a lot of criticism after the columnist wrote that Indian food contains only one spice. Many Indians and other Desis, including Padma Lakshmi and Mindy Kaling, criticized the article for incorrect facts. Padma Lakshmi, sharing a snippet from the previous article, tweeted: “What the heck is this?”

She added: “Is this really the kind of ‘hot take’ from the colonizers that the Washington Post wants to publish in 2021: sarcastically characterizing curry as ‘a spice’ and that all Indian cuisine is based on it?”

Mindy Kaling shared, “You don’t like cooking? Penalty fee. But it’s so strange to feel defiant and proud that you don’t like a kitchen. Silently, you can’t like something either. “

Later, columnist Gene Weingarten also took to Twitter to apologize. He wrote: “I should have named only one Indian dish, not the whole kitchen, and I see how insulting that brush was. Apologies. (Also, yes, curries are spice blends, not spices.) “There is also a correction to the original take with a note in the article that reads:” An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Indian cuisine is based on in a spice, curry, and that Indian food consists solely of curries, types of stew. In fact, the very diverse cuisines of India use many mixes of spices and include many other types of dishes. The article has been corrected. “

But it was too late because Desi all over the world took food very seriously and were seriously offended by the label of ‘a spice’. This is what some of them said:


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