Dear Karan Johar, if you want to be respected, you must respect others.

Ever since Bigg Boss OTT was announced, people had wondered how Karan Johar would host the controversial reality show, which has become synonymous with Salman Khan as a host. Several questions were posed to the filmmaker about how he would run the show and interact with the contestants. Whether you’re angry, be friendly, show your wits, and tickle the audience with your humor. But unfortunately, Karan Johar has fallen far short of audience expectations and how. Viewers have called the filmmaker a biased presenter who does not observe his tone while speaking to contestants, but demands respect in return. Also Read – Trending Entertainment News Today: Raqesh Bapat Kisses Shamita Shetty, Karan Nath Names Bigg Boss OTT Contestant, And More

His first prey turned out to be Divya Agarwal, who had to endure his illogical outburst that didn’t really make any sense to most onlookers. She called in Divya for indirectly calling the show scripted and supposedly keeping her in uniform on the new concept of going ahead with their respective connections. Karan started hitting her with sarcastic comments and even criticized the words she used against Shamita Shetty. He didn’t even listen to his side or give him a chance to prove his point. Post her verbal beating, Divya was isolated by the contestants in the house. Also read – Bigg Boss OTT: ‘We support Akshara Singh trends’ after Pratik Sehajpal broke his heart twice during connection task – read tweets

Last week, Karan again reminded Divya to watch his tone while talking to him. He insisted on Divya not to mention his name inside the house if he could not respect it. She also informed him that she has come as a contestant and he as a presenter and the lines should not be blurry. Also Read – Trending OTT News Today: Welcome To Blumhouse’s Scary Teaser, Nithiin’s Master To Launch On Disney + Hotstar And More

Karan then took Zeeshan Khan’s class for telling Akshara Singh, ‘Ladki ho toh daire me raho.’ The filmmaker took the comment very personally and began to scold Zeeshan saying, ‘This is the most misogynistic comment I’ve heard recently and I’ve heard a lot of comments coming out of a man’s mouth. Let me tell you, this observation of yours reeks of misogyny and chauvinism. “

He had Zeeshan sit in the background for the entire episode and allowed him to join the other contestants only after Divya asked him to do so. Due to the whole incident, Zeeshan suffered an anxiety attack inside the house and his fellow contestant Milind Gaba had to ask Bigg Boss for medical assistance.

Although Karan has maintained that he will not be biased towards Shamita Shetty because he knows her from the inside out, his actions have said otherwise. Whenever Shamita or Neha Bhasin tried to express something, Karan offered them his ample time and was all ears. His behavior was not the same with other contestants.

Now what has gone wrong here? Everything I would say. First, Karan Johar should not consider himself the jury of the show and make his personal judgments. Second, the filmmaker is supposed to act as a mediator and not as the troublemaker in the house. Third, Karan is supposed to keep his personal opinions to himself and stop taking offense at things that are unrelated to him. Fourth, if Karan wishes to meddle in conflicts, she must allow each participant to express their opinions and not judge them for themselves and announce a verdict. Fifth, if Karan demands respect, he should start respecting the contestants. Sixth, try not to break people mentally and emotionally, they must already be going through a lot.

So dear Karan Johar, take some time to introspect and understand where you went wrong. This is not Koffee With Karan, where you would keep chatting with your favorite people. This is the home of Bigg Boss and all contestants have the right to be treated equally without discrimination.

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