The rise of online gaming places India among the world market leaders

Media reports reveal the growing popularity of the Indian gaming industry. With users, investments and companies on the rise, the mobile gaming segment has the opportunity to become an engine of technological and economic growth.

Industry figures shed light on growth trends

Online gaming in India has seen a change in status in recent years. An exciting and easily accessible digital marketplace, legal online lottery and gaming platforms. reportedly boosted for affordable smartphones, cheap data, and new daily routines after a series of crashes.

Online lottery ticket booking in India is probably the most popular real money legal game (RMG) played on gambling sites like But the genres of board games, eSports and Battle Royale are not far behind. Both RMG and casual games have increasingly attracted investment funds, created industry-wide partnerships, and fueled the growth of Indian game development studios.

KPMG Media and Entertainment Report (2020) estimates the current user pool at approximately 365 million online gamers, while Deloitte India has rated to $ 2.8 billion (₹ 20,500 crore) by mid-2021. Experts are unanimous: the industry has immense potential and continues to grow each year by around 40%, representing 10% of the overall media economy and entertainment of the nation.

India ranks consistently among the top five mobile gaming markets globally, with 13% of gaming sessions and traffic coming from the Union.

Player profiles, post-pandemic trends, and urban-rural divisions

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic affected global health, but also much of the traditional economy and the daily habits of almost everyone. The profile features of the typical Indian gamblers and lottery players online they stood out both before and after the series of crashes.

While the youngest user groups (ages 20-40) are still the most active, middle-aged and female gamers have seen a steady increase. Partly due to our daily schedules at home, primarily due to the accessibility of mobile devices and online games, the gap between urban and rural markets has been narrowing for a couple of years.

Tier 1 cities are expected to provide a high volume of players and young metropolitan professionals (freelancers) make up a large portion of online casino consumers. Rural users have made up the difference thanks to affordable data and technology. Both RMG skill players and online lottery players prefer personalized Indian content and enjoy new technology.

The gaming industry as a career option

India’s online gaming industry has seen developer studios surpass 400 in a matter of several years. Tech startups in the segments hire game designers, animation and visual effects artists, sound engineers, various programmers, and even game testers. The multitude of professional careers in the game are attractive and well paid.

Side effects and collaborations bring cloud service providers, marketers, and media experts to join the group. While free games lead overall volumes, some innovative business models have elevated mobile games to a critical digital media sector. Flexible monetization schemes, next-generation advertising, and content delivery have been born and have propelled both niche gaming companies and the mass market.

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