Pad Man producer Prerna V Arora in financial trouble once again? One meal / day for the actors, 3 lakhs for recognition and more drama revealed!

Is Prerna V Arora in financial trouble once again? Explosive report reveal (Photo credit: wikifolder)

Prerna V Arora became a household name and face in the media after producing some of the hit movies like Rustom, Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Pad Man and Pari. She was in the headlines for partnering with several big names in the industry during the first two years of her career.

However, his career went south after he was unable to pay supplier fees and due to a lack of transparency. Producer Vashu Bhagnani filed a case against her claiming that she faced a loss of Rs. 30 million rupees due to Prerna, who had given him the rights to Pad Man and Kedarnath after the launch. She was arrested in December 2018 and left in December 2019.

Prerna V Arora announced her upcoming projects in September 2020, titled Rosie: The Saffron Chapter, starring Vivek Oberoi and Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak and Iti: Can You Solve Your Own Murder. Now the latest report reveals some shocking details of how Money was mismanaged. This also led to Vivek Oberoi leaving the project.

The Bollywood Hungama report quoted an anonymous source as saying: “Rosie: The Saffron Chapter went upstairs last year in December. It was supposed to be just an 18-20 day session. The budget was set at Rs. 2.50-3 crore. It should have ended in January 2021. But filming just wrapped up, in August 2021. The movie got stuck in the middle due to a financial mess. Many providers have not been paid and have not yet been paid. “

The source further revealed: “It is clear that finances are not being used properly and not even being planned properly. The film’s stakeholders are constantly being shocked as the budget for certain times would suddenly increase by multiples for no clear reason. There are accusations that money is wasted unnecessarily. For a one day recognition, almost Rs. 3 lakhs was spent. “

As money was spent without spending money on such activities, the film crew members were suffering from non-payment of fees. “Many providers are still paid or not paid properly. The cast and crew get paid or else they won’t appear on set. Even the main actor Arbaaz Khan has been paid in parts to fulfill his commitment, “said the source.

The report also indicated that there were several instances where members of the Rosie: The Saffron Chapter film crew only ate once a day. Then they were left to fend for themselves for the rest of the day.

The Vanity Van Vendors were also not paid, leading the operators to refuse to open doors for Arbaaz Khan, who replaced Vivek Oberoi. This also led Arbaaz to rage and he left the set and did not shoot that day. If this wasn’t enough, there were several mysterious developments related to the producers.

The report adds that there has been a change in the number and names of the film’s producers. The source had said: “With each new poster or publicity material released for this film, the names of the producers and the number of producers would also change. When the film was announced in September 2020, there were 3 presenters and 7 producers associated with the project. When the teaser came out in April 2021, the movie had 2 presenters and 8 producers. Some of the names that were there before were nowhere to be seen, including Vivek Oberoi. Then the 2 new teasers that were released on July 31, 2021, feature 2 presenters, one of whom was not involved with the movie before, 1 co-producer, and up to 9 producers. “

The source also said, “Check out the teaser released on August 10. Ten days after the July 31 teaser, a new production company has joined. The previous co-producer is nowhere to be seen and has been replaced by 4 new co-producers. At this rate, by the time the film is released, God knows how many more people would have left and joined the film’s ever-growing list of producers. “

“2 of the 9 current producers for Rosie: The Saffron Chapter were former line producers. Prerna V Arora and the other major producers have not settled their bill of approximately Rs. Between 30 and 35 lakhs of suppliers had come through the line producers. He made them producers so they don’t get paid, ”the source told the publication.

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