6 posts from Nikhil and Shanice that prove they’re eternal soul mates

Shivangi Sethi, August 24, 2021

Shanice Shrestha, Nikhil Sharma (Source: Instagram | @nikkkhil)

Shanice Shrestha, Nikhil Sharma (Source: Instagram | @nikkkhil)

It is true that some jodi they are a match made in heaven. The moment you see these couples together and their relationship, you know they are perfect for each other! Well the famous YouTuber Mumbiker Nikhil and Shanice shrestha They are one of those couples who prove to be eternal soul mates. Yes it’s true, every time they post something together we can’t help but obsess over how adorable they look. While Shanice is a cute bubbly girl, Nikhil is a charming, confident boy. And together they are a couple that was meant to be one. If you disagree, here are 6 posts that prove they are a ‘Lord What Me Di Jodi’.

Here you have…

1. Last Best friends

Someone once said that great friends make great lovers, Nikhil and Shanice proved this statement to be correct! They are the latest #BFFObjectives simply because they always show so much love and appreciation for each other. NglBut these lovebirds are taking relationship goals to a whole new level. Even while laughing or exercising together, they seem like a perfect equation right there!

2. Travel companions forever

Yes, we are pretty sure you don’t know a couple like this! Nikhil and Shanice are not only lovers, but also fellow travelers. We often see them vlogging exciting adventure trips and traveling everywhere, but their favorite place is being together. These two make us feel super single right now! 😛

3. The dumbest couple of all

Without a doubt, they are the dumbest couple of all time. They are that incredibly funny couple who would do anything and say anything to make themselves laugh. We love how his jokes are full of love too. What else can we say about these silly stuff, who entertain themselves with your company. They are crazy and their madness is contagious, he he.

4. Their chemistry is amazing!

Needless to say, they are both amazing and talented creators. Now, imagine when Nikhil’s charm and Shanice’s cuteness come together, the end result has to be amazing chemistry. amirita? That defo It would be a crime if I didn’t mention how well they know each other. If there was a couples test to judge their chemistry, Nikhil and Shanice would have passed it without fail.

5. Make a trend Coils

We often see Nikhil and Shanice getting on the famous trends Coils especially the couple. Honestly, this video is an overdose of cuteness. I love the precision with which Shanice has spoken about her husband, Nikhil, in her title here. We have lost legitimate account of the number of times we have seen it.

6. Creating magic together

We are not going to lie, but every time we see Nikhil and Shanice together we feel some magic. Guess what we’re right is that these two have never stopped surprising us with their surprises. When they announced about their music video, ‘Your Aa Jaana’ we were 100% sure it would be super dreamy and steamy. Also, we realized that this couple will cause magic when they are together, either off-screen or on the screen. Tbh, I can’t wait to see you create more music videos!

Here’s good news, honey on board …

Ending our article with good news! The couple that are made for each other will soon be mom and dad. We are so excited and can’t wait to see Nikhil and Shanice begin a new chapter in their life together. Sending them lots of love and positivity.

While these are just a few of the reasons that Nikhil and Shanice are eternal soul mates, we wish you both a life of happiness and togetherness. On a side note, we hope that everyone who reads this article will stay safe and reserve their spaces for vaccinations.


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