When winner Sushil Kumar REVEALED how earning Rs 5 crore became the ‘worst phase of his life’

Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati has proven to be a life-changing show for many contestants. The show has brought them instant fame and they have put the prize money to good use. But this is not one of those contestants. This is Sushil Kumar, who earned Rs. 5 crore in 2011, but it was not fruitful for him. In a long note posted on his Facebook page, he wrote about how his life changed in a really bad way. He said that he started smoking and drinking and that his wife almost quit. He revealed that he was misled by many people. Also read: Sonakshi Sinha is the daughter of Reena Roy, Alia Bhatt is the daughter of Pooja Bhatt, AbRam is Shah Rukh Khan and the son of Priyanka Chopra: strange rumors that shook Bollywood

He titled the note as ‘The worst moment of my life was after I won KBC’. He wrote: “2015-2016 was the most challenging time of my life. I didn’t know what to do. I was a local celebrity and attended shows for 10 or sometimes even 15 days a month somewhere in Bihar.” he was walking away from studies. And because he was a local celebrity, he took the media very seriously in those days. “Sometimes journalists would interview me and write about me. Without any experience on how I should talk to them, I would tell them about the business I was involved in so as not to give the impression of being unemployed. However, those businesses would collapse after a few days, ”wrote Sushil. Also Read: Rashmika Mandanna Makes Shocking Statement That ‘Actresses Need To Make Four Movies Compared To One Made By Top Male Stars’

He went on to write, “After KBC, I became a philanthropist, addicted to ‘secret donations’ and attending about 50,000 events in a month.” He wrote that because of this, many times, people misled him, which he came to know only later, after the donations were made. Because of this, his relationship with his wife slowly deteriorated. “I often said that I didn’t know how to tell the difference between the right and the wrong people and that I was not worried about the future. We often fought over this. ” Also read – Filmy Friday: When Rekha landed at Rishi Kapoor-Neetu’s wedding wearing magalsutra and sindoor; make everyone believe that she was Amitabh Bachchan’s girlfriend

He also called his bankruptcy history “steamy.” He wrote: “And now how did I go bankrupt …? You will find the story a bit ‘fuzzy.’ That night, as I was watching the movie Pyasa, which was approaching its climactic scene, my wife came in screaming that I will return. crazy watching the same movie over and over again. She asked me to leave the room. I closed my laptop and went for a walk. I was sad because we hadn’t spoken for over a month. And as I was walking, a reporter from an English newspaper. While everything was going well, he suddenly asked me something that made me irritated, so I randomly told him that all my money was exhausted and that I had two cows and that I was surviving by selling milk and making some money. And then of that, all of you should be aware of the impact of that news. “

He added that soon after, everyone around him was cornered. He wasn’t invited to events and that’s when he had time to think about what he should do next. “I was a huge movie fan, I had seen almost all the national Oscar winning films. I started dreaming of becoming a film director, “he wrote.

He went on to reveal how things started to change. “I had come to Mumbai with the dream of becoming a film director, but one day I left and started staying with one of my lyricist friends. I would lie in the room and watch movies or read the books I had. This went on for a few minutes. six months and I became a chain smoker. ” He wrote that since he was being left alone, he had the opportunity to see himself objectively. “And I realized a lot of things like, I’m not someone who came to Mumbai to become a director, rather, I’m an escapist, running from the truth. True happiness lies in doing the job of your choice. You can never calm certain emotions like arrogance. It is a thousand times better to be a good person than simply to be a ‘big celebrity’. Happiness is hidden in small things. One should strive to help people as much as possible which should start from their own home / village. I wrote three scripts that a production house liked and they gave me Rs 20 lakhs for it, “he wrote.

He had added that he was in a much better phase. “Later, I left Mumbai and came home, prepared to be a teacher. I sailed. I got involved in various environmental awareness projects that brought me peace. I am better since March 2016 and I stopped smoking last year (2019). In the present, there is always a sense of excitement in life, and I pray that I will have several opportunities to work on improving the environment because that is what I enjoy doing. I just want to win for my survival now. “

Well, your story can be turned into a web series or a movie. What does it say?

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