Suyyash Rai criticizes Karan Johar for his skills as a host; He calls him a ‘loser’ saying, “Filmein Banao, Wahin Tak Theek Hai”

Bigg Boss OTT: Suyyash Rai Blast Karan Johar for her tone and pointing fingers – Read on (Image Credit: Instagram / suyyashrai, karanjohar, IMDb)

Karan Johar is the host of Bigg Boss OTT on Voot and will continue until he returns to Colors, where Salman Khan will assume the reign. While KJo has gained more fans as a host, Bigg Boss 9 contestant Suyyash Rai is not impressed. The singer took to social media and, commenting on how the episode unfolded, added that the filmmaker is a loser.

While reacting to the fight between the show’s host and contestant Divya Agarwal, she also stated that she felt terrible about the way Zeeshan Khan was treated in the episode. Read on to find out everything he said.

In response to yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss OTT, Suyyash Rai took to her Instagram Stories and expressed her support for Divya Agarwal while criticizing Karan Johar for the way she spoke to her. For those of you who don’t know, in a previous episode, Divya had said that she wanted to ‘nominate’ Karan for elimination. When asked about the same thing, he said it was a joke, but Karan told Divya that she shouldn’t mention his name inside the house if she couldn’t respect him. While trying to answer, Karan said that she was a contestant and that he was the host, and that the boundary should never be blurred. He added that he shouldn’t try to play Bigg Boss with him as he is not inside the house. When Divya said that’s not what she was doing, she yelled again at him for taking the wrong “tone” with him.

Sharing an image from her TV screen with Karan Johar in the frame, Suyyash Rai wrote, “she has lost the plot.” In his next story, he wrote: “Dear KJo … let me let me burst your bubble !!! U aint Salman Khan Try to speak common sense! “

After criticizing the Bigg Boss OTT host, the Bigg Boss 9 contestant wrote in his stories, “I never knew KJo is a loser!” Adding the following, the former BB contestant said, “Dear KJo … fkin check your tone next time, then wait for others to speak to you nicely. And you better not point that finger at Divya. Do all of this with your Shamita (Shetty). “Tagging Karan Johar in her next Insta story, Suyyash wrote,” Filmein banao, wahin tak theek hai (Stick to making movies). “

But that was not the end. Suyyash Rai also wrote about Karan Johar criticizing Zeeshan Khan for making a comment that “smacks of misogyny”. To the unspoken, Zeeshan had previously said: “Ladki ho toh daayre mein raho (You are a girl, stay within your limits).” When asked to explain what he meant, Zeeshan said his comment was being misinterpreted. Commenting the same thing, the Bigg Boss 9 contestant wrote, “I’ve felt so, so bad for Zee on today’s episode. Poor friend, he did nothing wrong, literally anything. And the way they treated him today. Sorry, but no one has gone there to take shit from you (Karan) … There is a way to approach situations, sirf host banna (just become the host) is not the game you should do your post justice to. “

What do you think about Karan Johar’s performance as the host of Bigg Boss OTT? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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