9 Helpful Beauty Lessons We Learned From FRIENDS

Kanak Devnani, Aug 23, 2021

It is no secret that the television show Friends it has had a great cultural impact. This year’s reunion really reached a fever pitch if that was any indication of their continued popularity. Even after more than 25 years since his debut, not a day goes by that we don’t see him again. Netflix or quote it in our day to day. I mean, personally, I couldn’t be more obsessed with Friends. Of course, through those moments, the cast of friends really made an impact in the realm of beauty and fashion as well. After all, you might forget the ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle or the bleached beach waves that the style later evolved into.

But through all those hilarious moments, the one thing that was often overlooked was the sheer amount of beauty advice. Though wrapped up in brow-raising hilarious moments, the iconic characters made all these beauty mistakes so we don’t have to. Are you ready to get nostalgic and dive into reliving some classic moments? Here we have narrowed down some practical tips for skincare and makeup. Friends hit us on the way.

Keep scrolling to see the weirdly helpful beauty tips we learned Friends:

1. Skip the homemade leg wax

We’ve all been through the entire beauty phase of DIY, some good and some with horrible results. When Friends First issued, the Make Your Own Leg Wax Kit was a new craze. And boy did it look painful! Unless you have a gigantic pain threshold, this is not recommended. What probably made the whole process worse was the heartbreaking breakup of Ross and Raquel happening next door. Thank goodness, we have superior technical advancements in leg waxing today.

2. Always be prepared to fight frizz

Remember when Monica’s Has the hair gone crazy in the humid weather of Barbados? Everything could have been avoided with a little foresight. As all kinky girls know, we never travel unsuspecting. Always pack your hair products or at least a light serum, guys! Literally anything would have tamed that fluff ball in no time.

3. Never let someone else do your makeup

The episode where Ross does it Rachel’s The makeup after breaking her rib was hilarious, however the results were horrible. Whether it’s your boyfriend or friend, don’t let anyone who doesn’t wear makeup get near your face. If you’re struggling, opt for free makeup tests at your nearest department store, or just keep it simple with a no-makeup look. Because the other alternative could make you look ready to attend a Halloween party.

4. Mask your T zone

In fact, I first discovered what the T zone was when I saw this episode. The children proudly rocked a clay mask while watching a football game. And what knowledge to map it in the right area to unclog those pores! PLUS, they left perfect space for a hydrating cheek mask. Multiple masking is the way to go!

5. Always take a reference photo to your hairdresser.

The episode where Monica get ready From Phoebe the ability to cut my hair gave me nightmares. Due to a case of mistaken identity, Phoebe gives Monica the wrong actress or should we really say actors haircut! That messy spiked horror took our breath away! We all learned a valuable lesson that day and I swore this would never happen to me. I always walk in with a hair inspo saved on my phone to show the hairdresser exactly what I’m looking for.

6. Men wear makeup too

Weather Joey he was mocked for his ad for Ichiban: Lipstick For Men, in fact, he was way ahead of the curve! Although we are not fans of that icy blue hue in recent years, many high-end brands such as Chanel and Tom ford have introduced makeup products designed specifically for men. Beauty is for everyone and we are here for it!

7. Take it easy on teeth whitening

Yes, your teeth may be too white! Just take a look at From Ross tragic experience. Over the top with dental work and gel, her teeth were fluorescent and literally glowed lighting up the room. It even cost him his big date. Take it as a warning and don’t get carried away by the dentist.

8. The bathrooms are amazing

There’s really nothing like a nice long soak in a luxurious bubble bath for the ultimate in self-care after a long day at work. You have to try it yourself to believe it. Case in point, Sailboat who was a detractor until Monica shows you how to do a solo bath. Scented candles, bath salts and the whole thing. Once inside, there is no going back. Chandler really was a changed man from this point on.

9. Eyebrows are sisters, not twins

Poor Joey had disastrous results when he underwent waxing. Unable to bear the pain, he was left with a wrinkled brow that looked like what Sailboat described as a ‘baby caterpillar chasing its mother’. But there was Joey’s best friend to the rescue. With the ability to wax acquired from his youth practicing with his drag queen father, Sailboat he was able to even things out a bit. Food to go? Never be afraid to ask your more experienced friends for help and find out the right brow maintenance routine that works for you.

What is your favorite takeout food? Friends? Let us know in the comments below.

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