Malaika Arora opens up about joining modeling at a young age

Malaika Arora joined modeling to earn quick money! (Photo credit: Instagram)

It has been more than a decade since Malaika Arora joined the world of modeling and broke new ground for her in the Hindi film industry. With years of modeling experience, she has been judged as MTV’s Supermodel of the Year and is set to be the judge for the show’s second season.

She also talked about why she had joined the modeling industry and more. Read on to find out everything he said.

In a candid chat with IANS, Malaika Arora shared her excitement about judging the second season. She said: “We have a really amazing lineup of girls. When you do virtual auditions, you have girls who come from really small towns. Somehow girls find it difficult to travel from where they are to participate. But now, being virtual, it has made it so much easier. “

Malaika Arora elaborated, speaking on the theme of the show: “I love the concept this time, which is aUnapologically You”. She is encouraging the girls to be themselves. “

Sharing the different types of girls who have auditioned for the show, she said that “some would not say a word, some have never faced the camera, never had makeup or hairstyles.”

Malaika Arora continued: “Some girls come from such small backgrounds that they are not even allowed to leave their homes or are so restricted. Watching them come out of their shells is truly amazing. I was very happy and proud as I really felt like they really pushed the boundaries. “

The 47-year-old diva said each contestant came up with a “truly unique and endearing story.” “What we wanted this time was whether you are tall, short, chubby, skinny, single, married, transgender, or a cop. We only want women from all walks of life. We have really hugged them all this time, ”Malaika said.

Malaika Arora said the show breaks stereotypes of women modeling. “We don’t get caught up in stereotypes. We want all kinds of girls. Now if they survive or can move on to the next round, that completely depends on their hard work and merit. “

Malaika believes that one can be a model, but adding that “super” to a model is what sets others apart. “It is very important that the girls get out of the comfort zone. We are all very happy to be in our comfort zones. The moment we push and say we want to try something different. That’s when you can put “super” on the model. Not just be a cookie cutter model. Nobody is interested in that, you have to go further, “he said.

Malaika Arora joined modeling at a very young age. She was selected as one of the video jockeys in the late 1990s. She then entered the modeling world, appearing in many advertisements, songs from albums such as “Gur naal ishq mitha”. The turning point in his career was the song “Chaiyya Chaiyya” by Shah Rukh Khan star “Dil Se”, which was released in 1998.

Going down memory lane, Malaika Arora recalls the time she got into modeling for quick money. “It was difficult at a young age. It was very challenging. I came without expectations. I thought it was a great opportunity to earn pocket money quickly. I never realized that it would eventually turn into a race. “

She added: “From then until now, that’s the good thing the industry has changed. That is what people need to realize. We have these conversations when girls say they want to pursue a career in modeling. “She added,” And her parents say, ‘What nonsense you’re wasting your time.’ I want to tell a lot of parents. ‘Don’t think it can’t be done. a career with that. ‘It’s a career proper. I’ve had a career with that and so many others. “

“It opens so many opportunities and avenues.”

Malaika Arora says her journey is “amazing” and remembers her successes and mistakes. “I had a fair amount of ups and downs. I would never trade it for anything. Because that’s what makes me the person I am, ”Malaika concluded.

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